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Blog on vacation

The blog’s going on vacation for a week starting today. I’ll be visiting family. I’ll be approving moderated comments infrequently. While I’m gone, you might visit the other fine blogs listed below:

    Please try not to eat each other while I’m gone. 😉

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    Used conspiracy theory for sale

    I had a nice vacation in Virginia the this week, and I took lots of photos. One of my favorites is this one:


    It encapsulates a conversation that I had with Ms. Conspiracy about whether the birther business was winding down. It certainly has wound down since an unrepentant Donald Trump took credit for the “long-awaited” release of President Obama’s long-form birth certificate, and promptly dropped off the credible list of presidential hopefuls, and as Barack Obama hoped, the news media is finally covering the budget as its lead story.

    By rights, the birther business should be over, but there are a group  of dedicated partisans spending time trying to come up with ways to energize their base and keep their conspiracy theories before the public. Expecting it to go away would be nothing more than wishful thinking.

    Summer rolls around

    This is the third Summer of the Obama Conspiracy Theories blog.

    My Google alerts are returning almost nothing except the churning from WorldNetDaily and the Canada Free Press. At times like this I scrounge for Quotes of the Day, and take time to trim the weeds (do visual improvements and optimization on the blog). Check out the cool new background image.

    The percentage of new vs returning visitors continues to drop (new = 31.5%) with 12,484 unique visitors over the past month. Jerome Corsi’s book dropped out of the top 1,000 at for the second time. It looks like the birther movement has entered the Summer slump. Continue Reading →

    Blog on vacation


    Dr. Conspiracy

    Tomorrow (Jan. 10) I will either be at home in South Carolina with 20° (F) temperatures, under 4-8 inches of snow and sleet, or I will be basking in the mid 80’s in Panama. You can follow the weather on our new Blog Weather Alert in the right sidebar.

    Assuming the weather allows my departure, the blog will be on vacation January 10-27. (If the weather does not cooperate, I will just leave later.) I will leave an open thread tomorrow that will be good for 18 days and then it will automatically close. Anything that goes into moderation will stay there unless I have a chance and the inclination to get in the Internet while traveling. Anything with the F word, the S word or the AH word triggers moderation, as does a comment with a bunch of hyperlinks.

    Since this open thread will be open longer than usual, I ask you not to be too chatty or else there will be so many comments the blog software may become unstable.

    If I find a copy of John McCain’s birth certificate while I am in Panama, I will find a way to get it posted!


    Well, I got out of Greenville, only to get stuck in Atlanta and have to spend the night in the UNHEATED, curse them, airport. I got sick from some kind of virus as a result.

    Dr. Conspiracy takes a vacation

    I’m going on vacation this afternoon, returning the evening of July 5th. I will not have Internet access.You may now say “scrapbook” without automatic moderation.

    The two articles I’m working on right now are Birther Math (part 8): Complex Numbers and Are “Birthers” for real? The first attempts to use advanced mathematics to explain birther estimates of Barack Obama’s legal fees. The second speculates about whether birtherism is a liberal plot to discredit the political right.