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Kapi’olani digging

So Rambo Ike asked me over at Birther Report (before I gave it up for Lent) just when was the earliest reference to Obama being born at Kapi’olani hospital. Of course I wasn’t going to kick over a hornet’s nest and mention the birth certificate, which in all fairness didn’t see the light of day until 2011. I had to do a little digging, and here’s my reply:

The earliest Kapi’olani reference is a really good challenge. Most of my interest started with the birthers, and my knowledge of pre-birther history is pretty light. But let’s see what I can do.

The earliest Kapi’olani reference I know of without looking is the one in the Honolulu Advertiser from November 9, 2008, citing “family sources.” You can read about that here:

That’s the interview that contains Tong’s comment;

“We don’t have plans to do anything,” said Kapiolani Medical Center spokeswoman, Claire Tong, when asked how the center plans to commemorate the soon-to-be 44th U.S. president, who, according to Obama’s family and other sources, was born at that hospital on Aug. 4, 1961.

“We can’t confirm or deny it — even though all the information out there says he was born at Kapiolani Hospital. And that’s because of the HIPA (sic) law.”

Tong acknowledged that the center has received daily inquiries from news agencies far and wide asking for confirmation of Obama’s birthplace. Much as she wishes she could do it, Tong said it’s not possible.

“Our hands are tied,” she said.

David Maraniss, who would later write a Biography of Obama, wrote of Obama’s birth at Kapiolani in an article in the Washington Post August 24, 2008. Maraniss doesn’t give a source

The Honolulu Star Bulletin article: “Punahou left lasting impression on Obama” from February 8, 2007 says Kapiolani.

Another article from the Star Bulletin from March 21, 2004 also lists Kapiolani as Obama’s place of birth. That article was copied, mentioning Kapiolani, at the Free Republic forum also in 2004, so we can be pretty sure it wasn’t changed.

FR - Kapiolani 2004

That’s as far back as I can find.

Doc gets his 15 seconds of fame

I finally got a little bit of national notice coming out of a phone interview with Marc Fisher of the Washington Post a few days ago. The article published yesterday on the Post web site is, “As inauguration approaches, Obama’s most virulent foes want the celebration stopped.”

I have one quibble with the article, where it says:

hardcore anti-Obama agitation [is], driven, [Davidson] believes, by anti-black sentiment…

If I recall correctly, I said it was about 70% race, to which I added other factors including pro-Israel bias and the usual right-wing hatred of the left-wing. Remember, some of the early birthers were anti-abortion activists and Hillary Clinton supporters.

It seems that every time I go on vacation, something happens so that I wish I were in full swing publishing articles here on the site. For anyone who arrived here from the link in the Washington Post article, I suggest you start with “The Debunker’s Guide to Obama Conspiracy Theories,” or look at our “Featured Articles.”

Help us Vladimir Putin: You’re our only hope!

The Congress is corrupt. The SC is corrupt. The Justice Department is corrupt. The [Washington Post] is corrupt. maybe its time we ask Putin to save our Constitution.

The Founders sought the assistance of Holland and France. Why cant we seek the assistance from Russia, the UK and France.

America is under the peril of the far left. Help us before Obama cuts our throats. We are in distress.

– DiogenesLamp
– comment at the Washington Post

What can I say?

Millions of birthers “disappear”

Have literally millions of birthers been rounded up and moved to FEMA camps? Have they been murdered and buried en masse at sea? Did the appearance of Barack Obama’s long form cause blood pressure spikes and ruptured aneurysms leading to death of 1 out of 2 birthers?

Whatever the cause, millions of birthers have literally disappeared, according to a recent Washington Post telephone poll of 1006 adults taken April 28 – May 1, 20111. The Post said:

Overall, 10 percent of Americans say Obama was likely born abroad, down from 20 percent in an April 2010 Post-ABC poll. Almost all those who now say Obama was born in a foreign country say that it’s only their “suspicion;” just 1 percent claim “solid evidence” that the president was born elsewhere (9 percent said so last year).

I always thought that the birther numbers were “soft” but I never thought they were that soft. I hate to say “I told you so,” but the birther movement has peaked.

Learn more:

1Barack Obama released his long-form birth certificate on April 27, the day before the poll.

Is it time to start being afraid?

How do you make people dissatisfied with their lives and want a change? You make them afraid. I’ve been thinking about the role of fear in politics and in the Obama denialist debate for a while now, and I wanted to share some examples:

  • During the 2008 campaign, Obama opponents tried to characterize him in association with things people feared: radical extremists (Ayres), corruption (ACORN) and Muslims. They tried to raise fears that there would be massive tax increases.
  • In the health care debate, seniors were be told that someone would come to their home and they would have to decide how they wanted to die.
  • People have been told that if the Obama eligibility question were not resolved the country would fall into anarchy and the army would mutiny.
  • They were told that patriots would be rounded up and taken to FEMA concentration camps.
  • People were told that if they did not get the H1N1 flu vaccine that they would be forced to wear an yellow identification bracelet (echo of the yellow star required of Jews in Germany) and perhaps be shipped off in buses to FEMA concentration camps.
  • Guns will be taken away from gun owners, and perhaps the former gun owners would be shipped off to FEMA concentration camps.
  • The country’s financial system is being destroyed.
  • Our liberties are being taken away.
  • Obama is turning the United States into the former Soviet Union.
  • Immigration protester Barbara Coe said last September that Obama was taking a page from the Nazi playbook, only worse and that we should “be afraid, be very afraid”.

That’s a pretty silly list, but are there are other legitimate concerns that might make one take pause? I read this in a recent Washington Post article: Continue Reading →