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New high score

Tes has been busy, I see, updating the Birther Scorecard. The number of birther cases is up to 226, with zero wins, 220 losses and 6 pending. In addition, birthers have lost over 90 appeals, plus at least 25 losses at the Supreme Court. I’d make that 221 losses and 5 pending with the dismissal of Taitz v. Hawaii Memorial Park Mortuary.

The pending cases are:


Every court and administrative body to consider the issue has held that Obama is a Natural Born Citizen who is eligible to serve as President.

Suppose I said that, and you, being of a mind not to accept things just because someone says so, asked me to back it up. Am I in trouble? Do I have to go scrambling to save face? Do I even know what I am talking about? No problemo! All I have to do is pull out the handy dandy “Birther” string cites, and say “read this!”

In addition to answering the preceding challenge, the 13-page “Birther” string cites covers the other eligibility lawsuits and ballot challenges directed against Barack Obama, and as a bonus, lists cases showing that those born in the United States are natural born citizens.

The “Birther” string cites is a monumental work courtesy by Tes at What’s Your Evidence? I can’t begin to describe how utterly cool this is, so just look for yourself. If you ever need to locate it quickly, I have a link to it on this blog’s Docket menu.