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Obots betrayed!

Birther says

Today’s Quote of the Day came from William, writing at Birther Report:

Besides, 2 of the main Obots (possibly more now) have already rolled over. Their followers are simply too stupid to know it – Yet…

Being a slow news day, I decided to break out the PULP-O-MIZER and try to express William’s sentiment graphically.

Pulp-O-Mizer_Cover_ Mark II

I’ve gotten many, many comments at BR suggesting that the Obots should turn themselves in to the Cold Case Posse (as if they had any authority as law enforcement) to avoid being killed by the Obama Administration, a fate they call “Fuddied” after Hawaii Department of Health’s Loretta Fuddy who died following a plane crash late last year.

I’ve been getting comments at BR saying that I should make an advance directive that my body be autopsied (comment deleted during recent purge at BR). I want to donate my body for medical education.

BR’s latest article is titled “FF: Sheriff Joe Obama ID Fraud Investigation:  They Know Who Forged Obama Birth Certificate.” I don’t think Zullo actually said that, but the birthers took Zullo’s comments that way. Gallups said:

The second thing that Mike Zullo revealed was that he again spoke on behalf of Joe Arpaio, assuring America that they are now honing in on “the group responsible for the forging of the fake document.”

The birthers responded (names not included to protect the disabled):

Obots, you’re next.
Cut a deal with Zullo, before the regime Fuddies you.

Dr Casket, are you really sitting at a computer connected to the web right now?
Do you understand NSA knows where you are, and your Fuddying is likely to happen at any moment?
Call Zullo ASAP, and offer to testify against the other Obots.

Time is soon one way or the other. Obots need to watch their backs If Zullo don’t get them Patriots will but in the end if Zullo and Patriots fail Obama will have their heads.

Yep, BOTH sides want to ‘get’ the Obots.
Patriots want Obots convicted/hanged.
Ostapo wants Obots ‘permanently silenced.’

yup, poor obots, nobody wants them anymore. I read on freerepublic that someone close to obozo is considering sticking obots that have fallen out of favour into femacamps previously reserved for patriots. there they will receive extra humiliating "therapy" explaining them how they have fallen short of gaymarxistkenyan principles. they will wish to have fallen into the hands of patriots instead ..

Dr Casket,
Watch out for exploding tampons.

Hmm, I wonder if some of the obots already testified to a secret grand jury. I wonder.

Obots, run away, run away as fast as you can. Forgers known, universe shattering information is COURT ROOM ready. Learn something from Loretta Fuddy.

I have gotten to the point that I am not going to advise obots to seek a deal with law enforcement. If they are stupid enough to not realize the gravity of the situation and exercise a little self-preservation, then please come to BR and continue to spew your disinformation, your lame attempts to discourage us, and your desperate ranting. The party is about to start and if you’ve aided and abetted or had direct knowledge of the commission of these crimes you will go from "persons of interest" to "persons incarcerated".

I want Obots to cut a deal with Zullo, b/c after the Regime has the Obots fuddied, we may never know what the heck happened.
It could turn into another ‘Who shot JFK’ mystery for the next 100 years.
Every Obot is a valuable source of intel. They exist for a reason, and we need them alive and talking to whatever genuine law enforcement still exists in the USA.
After they spill their guts, we should execute them. Or, if they prove instrumental in taking down hundreds of Marxist traitors in the Regime and FedGov, then maybe they win a deal for Life In Prison with no chance of parole.


Birthers punk themselves

I dropped by Birther Report this morning to read an article about “Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Startling New Evidence,” an article that had nothing from Sheriff Joe at all (these titles must be some kind of subliminal mind control trick). A comment by William starting, “Something every American should consider with Obots” caught my eye because it claimed that no Obot had ever filed a FOIA for Obama’s records. Readers here know I’ve filed several. Reading on I found something else in that comment by William that I replied to:

William: “Why do the Main Obots personally meet and coordinate fabrication of false documents to send to Courts and Attorneys with a direct attempt to obfuscate discovery of Obama, then brag about it?”

I replied:

Anti-birthers meet because they are an interesting group and enjoy each other’s company. I’ve been to two of the Obot meetups personally and it’s been a very good experience. These folks are intelligent and have fascinating personal stories.

Some anti-birthers get their fun from demonstrating that birthers are credulous and easily fooled–punking the birthers. Personally, I don’t find such things very challenging. Birthers fool themselves with fake documents without our help, and there is no reason for folks like me to add to the confusion. My chosen creative expression tends towards satire. I am not aware of any anti-birther ever sending a fake document to any court. Fakes, such as the fake Bomford Kenyan birther certificate were sent to Orly Taitz who irresponsibly filed it with a court, even though she had no knowledge of even where it came from. Phil Berg even filed in federal court a fake Canadian birth certificate for Obama signed by “Dudley Do Right!”

Now, shall we go through the list of fake documents from birthers (either created by them or used by them as authentic)?

  • (2) Fake Kenyan National Intelligence Service letters
  • Grandmother tape, edited to remove statement that Obama was born in Hawaii
  • Lucas Smith Fake Kenyan birth Certificate
  • Lucas Smith fake Kenyan extradition complaint
  • Zullo’s fake 1960-61 Race Code table
  • Daily Pen doctored vital statistics report
  • Photo of Obama’s grandparents with Obama Photoshopped out (published by Jack Cashill)
  • Nude photos intentionally and falsely identified as Obama’s mother
  • Fake photo of Obama wearing rubber suit
  • 2 fake John McCain birth certificates (from McCain birthers)
  • Fake Welcome to Kenya birthplace of Barack Obama road sign
  • Fake birth certificate anomalies by TechDude
  • Fake Hawaiian birth certificate for Obama registered by his grandmother
  • Obama snippets spoof video edited to make Obama say he was born in Kenya, altered by Birthers to remove SPOOF notice

Birthers punk themselves far more often than Obots do.

I count the trip to Atlanta for the Farrar hearing as a “meetup” although it wasn’t of the official ones. I still met lots of folks and their families and we went out to eat.