Obama and the Right-wing Conspiracy Theorists (CBS)

I wanted to call attention to this opinion piece reprinted from The New Republic over at CBS News. The thesis of the article is that things have changed in the formation and expression of political hatred between the time of Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. One big difference: the Internet.

The bad news for the president-elect is that things that required money back in 1993 now come very cheap. Why pay for duplicating and distributing Vince Foster murder videotapes when you can just post them on YouTube?

It’s a thought-provoking article and well worth reading.

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8 Responses to Obama and the Right-wing Conspiracy Theorists (CBS)

  1. Heavy says:

    A CBS (Communist Birthing Service) from November. Have you run out of material, doc?

  2. Actually it was a reprint from The New Republic.

  3. mimi says:

    With that lame joke, I’d say you’ve run out of material Heavy.

    Doc., I like the way Schaffer ties it in with the Clinton stuff. But… I’d guess most hard-core birthers still believe the Clinton stuff, even though it’s been debunked.

  4. Rita says:

    Regarding the tie-in with Clinton, I’m “wondering” why the birthers don’t speak up when the same kind of “Constitutional Crisis” lands up on their side of the aisle – for some reason today Bobby Jindal popped up in my mind – US-born son of *gasp* people who were immigrants at the time of his birth! Now whispers have started about 2012 for him. Interesting that they apply the ACTUAL test for Natural Born Citizen for him but not President Obama, eh? But then again, he typifies the nutjob, born-again, extreme right wing, so he would fit right in with them.

  5. Heavy says:

    Rita, hon, Mr. Jindal has not refused any requests for documentation that may expose his past. Therein lies the difference between legal and illegal.

  6. Rita says:

    “not refusing requests for documentation that may expose his past” is not the issue here – the issue is that under the Birther method of reading thw law for Natural Born Citizen, Jindal would not be eligible to run. Oh yeah, and Obama has not “refused requests” – he provided the COLB and the Courts have not required that either the COLB or the “vault document” to be provided to them.

  7. Expelliarmus says:

    Heavy, Obama posted a true and correct copy of his OFFICIAL birth certificate on his web site issued by the state of Hawaii last June, and allowed a neutral and well-established fact-finding organization access to examine and photograph the document. Hawaii Government officials confirmed that authenticity of the certificate at least twice, in July and again in October.

  8. Heavy says:

    …And what did HI officials say?

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