Obama’s entire life: PhotoShopped!

according to pseudonym-about-town “Ron Polarik” in a set of recent postings on FreeRepublic.com. Ron said:

I already examined that photo and all of the other class photos –” they are all faked.

Here on Obama Conspiracy Theories, we don’t PhotoShop images because I’m too cheap to buy a copy. Some of the images, however, are PhotoImpacted to crop or re-size them. But resizing is not “faking”, and “faked” is the word Ron Polarik (not her real name) used.


However, after looking at the following, I think Ron might be on to something:


The mother ship of the claims that Barack Obama fell from the sky, rather than being born in Hawaii and growing up there seems to be a web site by one Don Nicoloff in an article titled: “The Three Stoges go to Washington, Part 6“. This is a tiresome article full of misinformation and pseudo image analysis. It reminds one of Ron Polarik.

The Chicago Tribune has a number of other photos.

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5 Responses to Obama’s entire life: PhotoShopped!

  1. NBC says:

    Using Ron’s ‘logic’ most of the internet is faked. Note that the ‘faked’ photos also included an extensive copyright statement as part of the header. Yes, Photoshop was used, does this mean that the photos are somehow ‘false’. What a crock.

    Seems Polarik may not be such an ‘expert’ after all, although, I have to admit, he seems at best a ‘self proclaimed expert’, a position contradicted by known facts.

  2. Adam Teich says:

    Dr. Ron Polarik is no doctor — and as soon as this douchebag is located, he will have to answer to some serious charges. I pray that this day comes quick.

  3. While I share your assessment of Polarik, what’s he done illegal??

  4. AXJ says:

    There is not one true pic on the internet or in his book. Who would read something written by a guy that went to Occidental? Worse college in L.A.

  5. It turns out that Polarik (actual name Polland) does have a doctorate.

    Adam Teich:
    Dr. Ron Polarik is no doctor — and as soon as this douchebag is located, he will have to answer to some serious charges.I pray that this day comes quick.

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