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Mainstream media

One of the major themes of my Internet writing (starting more than a decade before this Obama business) has been “who do you trust?”

I’ve seen the statistic published that 90% of the media in the United States is owned by a handful of very large companies. Bias in the media is no April Fool joke. The Obama denialists would have us believe that all of the MSN is lock-step behind Obama (a real laugh for anyone who has spent more than a few minutes watching the Fox News Channel).

So who do I trust?

First off, I don’t trust any single source nor anybody’s editorials. An editorial is no better than the argument it presents. I just go with the hard news and ignore the spin. If I want to look up a fact, I’ll hit CNN or the New York Times. I personally listen to National Public Radio in the car (and frankly so do most of the people I know, liberal and conservative). I don’t watch TV news at all.

I believe that most any major newspaper in the country will get the basic facts right–and certainly better than email rumors and blogs. I am somewhat of a specialist in the niche market of Obama conspiracies, and as such I do find small mistakes in some newspaper articles when someone gets sloppy, but I’ve never seen anything material that was wrong. Also when the real newspapers make mistakes, they print corrections (unlike some web sites).

So if you don’t trust the corporate monolith, try public radio and TV, non-profits like,  The Christian Science Monitor or the BBC. There’s plenty of good information out there from organizations with long track records. They have reputations to maintain, and they check their facts. Trusted information sources are especially important for folks not clever enough to spot a con job when they see it. [Yes, birthers, I’m talking about you.]

Orly Taitz demands to be made Queen of the United States

Queen Orly

“I am uniquely the person to exercise moral power above government, as in Queen of England.”

In an email letter to her massive list of supporters late last night, Orly Taitz has once again pushed out the bounds of credulity by demanding that she take on the role of Queen to resolve what she calls a constitutional crisis. I’m still trying to wade through this 116 page document (which is like pulling teeth — no pun intended) to try to find a logical thread to guide a summary for you. Here’s the best I can put together so far (and this is far more coherent than what she really wrote):

Dr. Orly Taitz, Esq as the only attorney still standing to challenge Obama’s eligibility, and the only attorney who has moved to join her quo warranto case in DC with the bakers dozen state attorneys general challenging the new health care reform, sees herself as the one person uniquely qualified to fix the constitutional crisis in the United States caused by the unconstitutional health care law and Obama’s failure to prove his eligibility. She notes the inaction of the courts, Attorney General Eric Holder and the Congress. Because, in her words, “government has lost all legitimacy” Orly is vetoing the health care reform law, dissolving Congress and calling for new congressional and presidential elections to be held next June 2. Taitz points out that the Queen of England has the authority to dissolve parliament and appoint her own prime minister, and that in this time of constitutional crisis when no legitimate authority exists (since Obama has not proven his eligibility) that it only natural for her to become Queen for a day. It was not clear who she would decide on as interim president until after the new elections.

In line with our policy of not hyperlinking to the Taitz web site because of persistent problems with browser exploits and malware there, I will paste the first few pages of her email here. (Jump down to the section in bold for the queen stuff.) Continue Reading →