Conservative Fact Check ousts TechDude

Approximately 4 years after everyone else on the Internet learned that the pseudonymous “document expert” TechDude faked his credentials by copying the real qualifications of someone else, the Conservative Fact Check web site also figured it out and removed TechDude from its masthead yesterday.

I left this reply:

While the association between Adam Fink and TechDude is well known, and has been so since imaging expert Neal Krawetz published it in August of 2008, the best information I have is that TechDude is not impersonating Adam Fink; he IS Adam Fink. Fink denied this, but the evidence is pretty solid to the contrary.

So we have TechDude who either lied about his credentials, or lied about not being Adam Fink.

The relevant point is that whoever he is, his image analysis of Obama’s original birth certificate image was a fraud. He deliberately altered the image to make it look suspicious and this was fully covered in  Dr. Krawetz’ article.

I did a little searching here, and found other examples of obvious lies by TechDude.

Any serious observer knew in 2008 that TechDude was a liar and a fraud. The fact that this web site relies on him goes to how credulous and inept this site is.

For real fact checking on Obama eligibility issues, read this:

The Debunker’s Guide to Obama Conspiracy Theories

When I last visited the TechDude issue, the conventional wisdom was that this person had stolen the credentials of a real document expert name Adam Fink. TechDude was discredited and the birthers dumped him, except for this Conservative Fact Check site (who apparently checks nothing). However, someone posting as G at the Barackryphal web site did further research, reporting the conclusion that TechDude and Fink were one and the same.

Another site for the Ugly list.

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9 Responses to Conservative Fact Check ousts TechDude

  1. Birther Weary says:

    This is a parody site, IMO.

  2. LW says:

    Yeah, this excerpt leans toward the Poe-y:

    “Many self-identified tea partiers weren’t very politically savvy, and many of them lacked even a high school education, but the Tea Party gave them a place on the national stage. It was a beautiful example of democracy in action.”

  3. Birther Weary says:

    “Any sufficiently advanced troll is indistinguishable from a genuine kook.” – Alan Morgan 2001.

  4. Thrifty says:

    What’s the difference between “The Bad” and “The Ugly” in your list of external links?

  5. SluggoJD says:

    Doc, I researched a lot into this back then, and there was no doubt in my mind that Tech Dude WAS/IS Adam Fink.

    Tech Dude had older Yahoo profiles, which could be seen using the Wayback Machine, which showed he was big on Ayn Rand, anti-Democrats, and stuff like that.

  6. SluggoJD says:

    G went above and beyond in that article to prove they were one and the same. Props!

  7. Of course it’s subjective. Generally the Ugly are what I consider frauds and the Bad are just deluded–at least in the way I understand them. I added Conservative Fact Check to the Ugly list because as I see it, they are misrepresenting themselves as fact checkers. Several of sites could go either way. Certainly the liars at the Daily Pen go under Ugly and Berg’s ObamaCrimes is something he really believes and so just Bad.

    Thrifty: What’s the difference between “The Bad” and “The Ugly” in your list of external links?

  8. Whatever4 says:

    Is that G our G?

  9. Greenfinches says:

    Doc, do you mean OUSTS or OUTS????

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