Crazy in Arizona

Let me start off with a fully-confirmed fact: Maricopa County Sheriff’s Deputy Brian Mackiewicz was one of three people sent by Joe Arpaio to supervise confidential informant Dennis Montgomery in Seattle.

Then let us move from fully-confirmed to credibly reported. Brian Mackiewicz was called on the carpet for photographing corpse genitalia at the morgue and he took the wine country tour while on the county payroll babysitting Montgomery. You can read that in Stephen Lemon’s article at the Phoenix New Times.

Now for some unconfirmed speculation. This message appeared in comments at the Phoenix New Times web site:

Recurring rumor around the County that ex-commander Bob Rampey [sic] is working with the Feds on reopening the abuse of power case. Apparently he knows where all the ‘bodies are buried’, They attempted to silence him using their usual tactics of illegal search warrants and trumped up charges. Apparently they didn’t know that he recorded every interaction and even has shit on Montgomery. Crap is swirling in the toilet bowl around the county corridors.

Rampy was involved in an unsuccessful attempt to get access to 2 years of MCSO emails associated with the Melendres case. Maybe there’s a body there.

Rampy himself came under scrutiny from the Phoenix New Times back in 2011.

The trunk of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s clown car is now open and all sorts of crazy stuff is coming out. As for me, I’m now following @stephenlemons on Twitter.

Apparently, there is another status conference in the Melendres case tomorrow (May 14). I hope to have a report on that.

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10 Responses to Crazy in Arizona

  1. Notorial Dissent says:

    All I can say is something an old friend of mine came up with years ago, “My, my, ain’t the walls perpendicular!!!”

  2. Keith says:

    I read that article early this morning between customers at the news agency. I just about had to lock the doors out so I could run to the little back room to keep from soiling my pants. As it was several people asked me what the heck I was cackling about.

    I would have left a link to the article on here somewhere, but I don’t like to use the shop computer for that. I figure you would spot it soon enough.

    Brian Mackiewicz: Your tax dollars at work. (Arizonans anyway).

  3. alg says:

    Ah, yes, more joyful stuff from Arpaio’s garden of earthly delights. What more can we expect from America’s toughest sheriff?

  4. This article sort of fell apart when I couldn’t locate the PNT quote about the recurring rumor, but I published it anyway. Now I have located the missing piece and updated the article. It’s now what it was supposed to be.

  5. It is interesting that within a few days of Mike Zullo announcing the universe shattering investigation involving Dennis Montgomery (November, 2013), Arpaio’s IT chief, Bob Rampy, was indicted on 14 felony charges related to computer tampering (after Rampy had resigned from the MCSO).

  6. Jim says:

    Any news on the outcome of Rampy’s case?

  7. Pete says:

    The trunk of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s clown car is now open and all sorts of crazy stuff is coming out.

    That oughter be the quote of the day, right there.

  8. bgansel9 says:

    Pete: That oughter be the quote of the day, right there.

    If you knew the history of trunks in Maricopa County, you’d realize all the more how appropriate that is:

  9. Court records appear to show that Rampy entered into a plea agreement on April 24, 2015, and has sentencing scheduled for June 4. The case number is:


    Here is the court lookup page:

    Jim: Any news on the outcome of Rampy’s case?

  10. y_p_w says:

    I’ll plead guilty to have gone to a tour of the wine country around Seattle. It’s actually pretty nice, and unlike California, they are allowed to give free tastings. There’s a huge wine industry mostly around Woodinville. They don’t grow wine grapes there, but have them shipped from other parts of Washington.

    Red Hook has its main brewery in Woodinville.

    However, I was there on my vacation. The only time I recall ever taking a side trip during an off day of a business trip was (ironically) in Phoenix.

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