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Ted Cruz defends his eligibility to be president

Confronts head on claims he’s not a natural born citizen The New Hampshire Ballot Law Commission will consider arguments today from petitioners seeking to prevent Cruz from appearing on the state’s Republican Primary Ballot.1 Two petitioners, Carmon Elliott and Chris Booth, challenge his eligibility based on the fact that Cruz was born in Canada, and […]


Birther backfire

Despite what birthers say, my experience is that those of us who believe that Barack Obama is an eligible President don’t put much effort into supporting that hypothesis.  We it take for granted. What gets folks like me energized is a false or suspect statement of fact and perhaps birthers would be better off letting […]


Charting citizenship

Birthers like to present charts to explain how they see citizenship. Here’s a chart that explains how the courts see citizenship: The naturalized citizen has as much right as the natural born citizen to exercise the cherished freedoms of speech, press and religion… Baumgartner v. United States (1944) However, the rights of someone who is […]


John McCain – natural born citizen

This is the second in a new series of articles examining the citizenship of American presidents and presidential candidates. In the first I demonstrated that our first president, George Washington, was a natural born citizen. Here we look at John McCain, 2008 Republican candidate for president. John McCain was born in the Panama Canal Zone […]


Is the natural born citizen argument over?

Somehow, with the dismissal of Kerchner v. Obama and the retirement of Leo Donofrio (yet again), it rather feels like the debate over the attempts to redefine “natural born citizen” have fallen off the radar, leaving Obama Conspiracy fans with little more than the Taitz/Smith/Lincoln soap 0pera for entertainment. However, before closing the box and […]