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Where there is no coincidence

there is no story I don’t know if that’s really an ancient Chinese saying (as it was presented to me) but it most certainly is a principle underlying this blog. For most of us, coincidences are delicious bits of life, but for the conspiracy theorist who lacks a good nonsense filter, they reveal the hidden […]


Crash coincidence

Some things are just too weird. Yesterday I was involved in a collision; a truck hit me in the rear. There were no injuries. Here’s a photo:   I’ve been on the phone with my insurance company, which conveniently happens to be the company insuring the other vehicle. This certainly wouldn’t be anything to write […]


Donald Trump’s Birther Tweets

Donald Trump as we know is a prolific tweeter, and that includes birther-style tweets from 2011 to 2014. 2011 11/18/2011 10:54:21 AM“Made in America? @BarackObama called his ‘birthplace’ Hawaii “”here in Asia.””” 2012 5/18/2012 3:31:44 PM“Let’s take a closer look at that birth certificate. @BarackObama was described in 2003 as being “”born in Kenya.”” […]

The end is near

Early this morning I posted an article at Gerbil Report™ titled, “The end is near.” It’s not particularly interesting—primarily just pointing out that Carl Gallups is still touting the Cold Case Posse investigation when in reality, that ship has sailed (and sunk). What caught my attention was a few hours later when I looked at […]


Conspiracy v. accident

Things are going along just fine and then there is a crisis, a financial bubble bursts, unemployment surges, terrorists blow up something. We live in a world saturated with information and events, and it is only natural to try to make sense of them. One writer on conspiracy theories described them as a “poor man’s […]