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Back to work

I got a call from the government today offering me a job. I took it. To set the stage, here’s what Falcon wrote at Birther Report a few days back: Please discuss your 150 dollar a year Obama stipend for running interference. We all want to know why you are paid less than an intern. […]


Thoughts on my WOBC appearance

First I’ll say that Mike Volin honored his representations about my appearance on his Blog Talk Radio Show, Where’s Obama’s Birth Certificate? Overall, I got to say what I wanted to say without interruption, and Mike and his callers got to say what they wanted to say. Today, the day after, I want to say […]


Wikileaks on the birthers

Just on a whim, I entered this query at Google: “birther” OR (“obama” AND “birth certificate”) I didn’t expect 59 results. I didn’t expect any. One, from Stratfor, looks like a joke. A new Stratfor analyst became a US citizen on April 26, 2011, and wrote in an internal email: Do you think it […]


Confirmation v. Prediction

This following quotation is from a long article that I decided not to publish about figuring out Falcon’s identity at Birther Report: There are two approaches to discovery: One is the conspiracist method, where one starts at a point and looks for connections and confirmation. Anything remotely related adds to the confirmation pile. This is […]


Negativity merchants

I just saw this in our Twitter feed: #Ebola has spared #Kenya so far. Coincidence or conspiracy? #birther #tcot — Justine unSafe (@FL_narcissist) August 9, 2014   This comes on the heels of a hilarious August 7 segment on Colbert Nation on the Ebola panic that makes the serious point that an Ebola outbreak is […]


Vogt and Montgomery (the other one)

Vogt I don’t usually engage in the disclosure of personal information, but I did look at Douglas Vogt’s lawsuit in Washington State, and located his address on a Google map. I’m publishing here a photo of his house from that map: It’s a modest dwelling to be sure. All kidding aside, Vogt probably lives somewhere […]