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Cold Case Posse: tax exempt status attacked

According to a document uploaded to Scribd, a complaint was referred today against the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Cold Case Posse Inc., a tax-exempt educational organization under the IRS code. Of late, the Cold Case Posse has been engaged in open political activity against the likely Democratic Party candidate for President this year and apparently I’m […]


Cold Case Posse gets a pass

In a move that’s leaving this writer’s head shaking, the Arizona Corporation Commission has confirmed that the Cold Case Posse is now in good standing with the Commission, and that its corporate filings now conform with statutory requirements (even though that hardly seems possible). A copy of the following email was forwarded to me: Thank […]


Flash: Cold Case Posse in good standing. Why?

Updates to the Arizona Corporation Commission web site show the Cold Case Posse now in good standing. I said it would be simple to fix. What is strange is that the corporation’s address remains the address of a post office and the Agent physical address a FORMER location of the Sheriff’s Office, where we confirmed […]


Cold Case Posse plays fast and loose with the law

Despite dubious claims of being “law enforcement,” the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Cold Case Posse doesn’t act like law enforcement, but more like someone trying to evade the law. Case in point is their obligation under federal law to provide certain information regarding their IRS tax-exempt status. When I asked for the legally required information in […]


Posse Gate

I’ve focused on financial questions about the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Cold Case Posse. They are a private non-profit,  tax-exempt corporation, and their finances remain shrouded in mystery with no reporting to the Sheriff’s Office, the State of Arizona or the IRS. We’ve learned that there are 3,000 members of  Sheriff Joe’s various posses. Exactly what […]


The Cold Case Posse’s six figures (retracted)

This article has been retracted. It turns out that the 3,000 figure discussed is for all of the MCSO Posse’s and TPPTRUTHSQUAD was mistaken. Brian Reilly says that he personally didn’t pay any dues.  ————————– Retracted content follows —————————- Birtherverse-shattering conclusion There was a part of Brian Reilly’s article that I wasn’t sure I understood: […]