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Archive | July, 2010

Appeals court shows Apuzzo the “red card”

Kerchner v Obama

The demonization of President Obama takes many forms, from eschatological views that Obama is ending life as we know it to the “birther movement” that seeks to get around the constitutional process by which we elect presidents to undo the last election in the courts. The courts are having nothing of it and have once again rejected this ploy.

In honor of the World Cup, I use the soccer/football analogy of a red card to characterize rulings by the Third Circuit Court of Appeals regarding attorney Mario Apuzzo’s appeal in the case of Kerchner v. Obama which the court characterized as frivolous. Apparently beating a dead horse is against federal court rules.

Thanks to commenter Rickey for the links and I take this opportunity to again thank many other commenters here for their valuable contributions.

Dr. Conspiracy takes a vacation

I’m going on vacation this afternoon, returning the evening of July 5th. I will not have Internet access.You may now say “scrapbook” without automatic moderation.

The two articles I’m working on right now are Birther Math (part 8): Complex Numbers and Are “Birthers” for real? The first attempts to use advanced mathematics to explain birther estimates of Barack Obama’s legal fees. The second speculates about whether birtherism is a liberal plot to discredit the political right.

Kenyan web site names Obama birth hospital

I didn’t find this on any newspaper web site, but on the web site of a tour guide company! I challenged Mario Apuzzo to find a Kenyan newspaper naming the “well known attraction,” the hospital where President Obama was born. I didn’t think there were any newspapers that disclosed this information, but Trendy Tours & Safaris of Nairobi has introduced a 7-day Obama Kenyan tour including “the original home of the worlds most powerful President”, the well-known attraction described by the Kenyan Ambassador to the US, Peter Ogego, in the now famous WRIF radio interview.

And they name the hospital where President Obama was born!

Unlike any other web site in Kenya, this one breaks the code of silence and defies top secret government gag orders to name the hospital where President Barack Obama was born, and it was not the Coast General Hospital in Mombasa. Continue Reading →

Berg v Obama dismissal affirmed

Berg v Obama is the False Claims Act (FCA) lawsuit by Philip J. Berg claiming that Barack Obama fraudulently collected money from the US Government (his salary) while being ineligible for office. This is also the mysterious lawsuit once “sealed.”

Another one bites the dust.

The district court dismissed, and now the DC Circuit Court of Appeals has affirmed that dismissal in the tersely worded decision following.

BERG v OBAMA (FCA) – (APPEAL) – PER CURIAM JUDGMENT – Affirmed – Transport Room by Jack Ryan

Kenyan newspapers discuss Obama birth in Mombasa

The “birthers” have really done a poor job mining Kenyan newspapers for references to President Obama being born in Mombasa. Maybe they should switch from Google to Bing for their search engine. I don’t know, but when I went digging, I found lots of material, for example:

The Daily Nation
: Anti-Obama lunatics living in denial

They are living in denial. In America they are equated to lunatics, but their push to drop anything credible to force President Obama out of office includes forgery in the land of Obama’s father.

The group –” the birthers –” are the fringe “lunatics” who insist Obama is not a natural-born citizen –” a US constitutional requirement for the presidency.

… the birth certificate purporting Mr Obama was born in Kenya differs with genuine certificates issued in the early 1960s, the Nation can reveal.

Certificates issued during the colonial period were marked “Colony and Protectorate of Kenya”. Today’s have the logo of the Government of Kenya, with a seal.

The Daily Nation: Obama enemies’ bid to stain the audacity of hope

Fringe foes of Barack Obama are again turning to Kenya in what appears to be increasingly desperate attempts to discredit the Democratic Party’s presidential candidate.

The latest lines of attacks include a lawsuit charging that Senator Obama was born in Kenya and is thus disqualified from seeking the presidency on the grounds that he is not a US citizen. Continue Reading →