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Looking at Zullo’s press conference more closely

I have one serious weakness when confronting the output from Mike Zullo. I have an expectation that at some level it is supposed to make sense, and that Zullo doesn’t lie outright. So when Zullo says that two things look … Continue reading

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Obama’s minions

Birthers call them Obots (when they are being nice), often expressing the idea that the truth of their conspiracy theories is self-evident, so that anyone who disagrees is either blinded by bias, or a paid opponent, a shill. I get … Continue reading

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Orly Taitz revels in Arpaio/Zullo presentation

Orly Taitz doesn’t get much coverage these days. Mike Zullo stole the limelight long ago, but as we near the end of the attenuated relevance of birthers, it’s appropriate to revisit Orly Taitz, Queen of the birthers. Taitz writes: I … Continue reading

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Reasonable doubt

Mike Zullo, in his December 15, 2016, press conference laid out a very incomplete theory of the alleged crime of the forging of Obama’s birth certificate. Some of the narrative is there, including these claims: Johanna Ah’nee’s birth certificate was … Continue reading

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Remarkable dissimilarity between Ah’nee and Obama birth certificates

“Point of forgery” busted Carl Gallups has a video out, where his voice narrates the Zullo/Gillar animated overlay showing 9 points of forgery. One of the items supposedly copied from the Ah’Nee to Obama certificate is the word “Oahu” in … Continue reading

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Birtherism as for-profit fake news

When we talk about birthers, the topic of racism is often raised, and I have considered other forms of bias in an attempt to explain why people believe unsubstantiated and sometimes ridiculous stories about Barack Obama. But where do the … Continue reading

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