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Archive | August, 2010

Pleasing the birthers

A somewhat testy Barack Obama appeared in an interview with NBC News anchor Brian Williams, saying that he has more important things to do than humor the birthers. However, looking at the footage of Obama during the interview (see photo on right), it was not entirely clear that he had not made concessions to them.

Obama said:

“I can’t spend all of my time with my birth certificate plastered on my forehead,” quipped Obama, who took a deep breath to gather his thoughts when asked if the poll reflected his inability to communicate with voters.

“The facts are the facts. We went through some of this during the campaign –” there is a mechanism, a network of misinformation that in a new media era can get churned out there constantly,” said a visibly annoyed Obama, referring to “birthers,” who have waged a guerrilla campaign questioning either the existence or the validity of his Hawaiian birth certificate.

Chris Matthews plays “hard ball”

Chris Matthews

MSNBC personality Chris Matthews took on Republican leader Mitch McConnell about his non-comment comment about Barack Obama’s religion. Speaking about McConnell’s remarks  on the Meet the Press program, Matthews said:

It’s really quite sleazy the way they’re doing it. They don’t have the nerve to go out and say he’s not American and he’s a secret member of another religion. They do it what Senator Mitch McConnell did Sunday, encourage that notion, underwrite the crazies – meanwhile, undermining any positive action by the government they’ve sworn to serve.

Quote courtesy of The Irish Times.

Matthews described McConnell as “playing ball with the birther crowd.”

So is this political correctness run amok, and unfairly chastising McConnell, or is McConnell engaging in a cynical smear campaign?

Berg reschedules rally for October

Philip Berg

Crusading anti-Obama attorney, Philip J. Berg has set the new date for his massive rally to promote his opposition to everything Obama, including the president’s ineligibility and what the right wing call “Obamacare.” (They will have to eat that word if Obamacare ever becomes as popular as Medicare is today.)

In a letter emailed to supporters just minutes ago, Berg announced that The Obama Birth Certificate / Eligibility / ObamaCare Rally will be held in Washington on Saturday, October 23, 2010 – U.S. Capitol – West Front, unless it gets postponed again.

You can meet Phil Berg in person tomorrow. He will be handing out leaflets at the Glenn Beck rally in DC. The full press release is on Berg’s ObamaCrimes web site.

Post & Email suffers from too much success

Some web hosting plans limit the bandwidth (the total amount of information allowed to be transferred during a period of time) and when that’s exceeded, they either cut you off, or they charge you extra.

The Post & Email appears to have hit the bandwidth wall on a cheap plan.

Taitz pays up

Despite what you may have heard, erstwhile attorney Orly Taitz, her appeals exhausted, has paid the $20,000 in sanctions imposed by federal judge Clay D. Land in Georgia, for her misconduct in the Rhodes v. MacDonald case after the the federal government filed a lien on all her real property.

Taitz still hopes to get her money back, having asked the District Court to reconsider (again) in a filing last Wednesday (Aug 26, 2010). I must say that she does a much better job redacting her bank account number than she does Barack Obama’s social-security number.

On the back of the check she wrote:

paid under protest as illegal extortion to cover obama’s fraud

Fake grand jury writes real FBI

The “American Grand Jury” a set of volunteers with a political agenda, have written a letter to the FBI, expressing alarm about an ineligible president, and “demanding justice.” What is remarkable about the letter (which has been passed around in emails) is that it contains the names of 3,058 signers.

I don’t feel comfortable publishing names, but the rest of the letter follows: Continue Reading →