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80% of Americans do not believe official Bush birthplace

A recent nationwide CBS/Vanity Fair poll showed only 39% of Americans responding that Barack Obama was born in Hawaii (although 63% place his birth somewhere in the United States).

I wanted to put these results in perspective with my own Obama Conspiracy Theories poll. This poll was made of 10 people randomly selected from my workplace on June 30, 2010. I think all the respondents were college graduates.

Asked the open ended question: “in which state was President George W. Bush born,” only 20% believed the official story that he was born in Connecticut! A full 50% picked Texas. New York and New Hampshire were other states mentioned.

It looks like to me we’ve been asking for the wrong birth certificate.


Date Filed v Date Accepted: APPEALED!

It’s like a drivers license…

A drivers license is a state certification of your identity and the fact that you meet all the requirements to drive. You don’t get a license until every requirement is met. The same is true with a birth certificate; a certificate is not issued until every requirement for registration is met. The idea that the State of Hawaii issues birth certificates for births that do not fully meet their requirements for registration is like suggesting that they issue drivers licenses to people who haven’t passed the driving test. The suggestion that Barack Obama’s birth hasn’t been “accepted” is patently absurd.

Old Timers

Obama COLB (click for full-size)

I was at the birth certificate factory today and I went over to one of the old timers, and I said to him, “you remember about 15 years ago you were talking to me about sticking a birth certificate into one of those numbering machines?” He said, “sure I remember; that was New Jersey”.

He told me that the hospitals in New Jersey entered information into a computer system (this was something that ran on a PC under MS-DOS) and that computer system would dial-up the state computer system and transfer the record using a modem. The hard-copy paperwork went to the local registrar (if memory serves me right this is a county official) who checked them and sent them to the state. Once the state was finished they would stick the paper certificate into a slot in a desktop numbering machine, and then type the certificate number into the computer system with the electronic record.

All this time Deep Birther was there, and Grandma (I haven’t mentioned Grandma before).  What ensued was a lively discussion about how every state is different in their process. Grandma told me that in South Dakota, even though they have an all electronic system, they still have the computer number certificates in electronic batches that may include births for multiple days. I ask what order the certificates were numbered in, and the reply was that it wasn’t in any particular order within the batch as best she recalled. Continue Reading →


The Doc’s FOIA (part MCMLVII)

I finally got a response out of the US Department of State about when I might expect a response to my January 2009 Freedom of Information Act request. Here it is:

I have spoken with my staff members of my office and since then your information have been discussed with the Program Analyst and they are aware of your request. At this point I have nothing new to report but everyone is working hard to satisfy your request and I hope this information was helpful.

I don’t know in what alternate universe that would be considered “information” or how one could harbor a rational hope that it could be “helpful.” At first reading one might take it as a mildly encouraging reply, but this is the same stuff they’ve been feeding me for months.


One question for Mario Apuzzo regarding where Obama was born

A new article has appeared over at Mr. Apuzzo’s blog, Two Questions to Ask Putative President Obama’s Enablers Regarding Where Obama Was Born. His questions were something about naming the location of the building and the  people in the room when President Obama was born. I’m not going to get an answer any time soon, I fear, because the only way to fully put the answer in to context is to start with our first 43 presidents and work forward to Obama and I think the task is going to prove extremely difficult to complete, if not impossible. (I don’t know if the Washingtons had a long form or a short form family Bible.)

I have a more interesting challenge

Let’s go back to Apuzzo’s “Catalog of doubts.” I would suggest that either the Catalog is a smear, pure and simple–full of intentionally misleading statements, lies and prejudicial verbal trickery, or it is a sincerely presented collection of what is believed to be trustworthy information, contextually accurate, and fairly interpreted. Let’s assume for the rest of this discussion that the latter is the case. Continue Reading →


Obama re-election Poll

I haven’t done a poll in a while.

Will Barack Obama be re-elected as President in 2012?

  • Yes, Barack Obama will be re-elected in 2012. (66%, 131 Votes)
  • No, Barack Obama will lose the 2012 election. (19%, 37 Votes)
  • No opinion/Magic 8 ball says "ask again later." (9%, 18 Votes)
  • Barack Obama will not run for President in 2012. (8%, 15 Votes)

Total Voters: 201

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