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Court considers reconsidering and decides not to

Yes, the latest motion to reconsider from Orly Taitz in Grinols v. Electoral College has been denied by Judge England. Taitz tried to have the President declared in default for not appearing in the case, but she bungled the service … Continue reading

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Birther radio host Gillar reneges on debate

I mentioned previously an article, “’Birtherism’ and the tyranny of ignorance,” at the Western Free Press site, where I had left a few comments. The discussion there has grown, attracting “Tea Party Power Hour” Internet Radio host, and Cold Case … Continue reading

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McInnish wants oral argument before birther judge

Hugh McInnish’s lawsuit against Alabama Secretary of State Chapman to require her to verify eligibility of presidential candidates was dismissed with prejudice, a dismissal affirmed by a circuit court in Montgomery. McInnish argues now before the Alabama Supreme Court that … Continue reading

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The relevance of the “natural born citizen” clause

I made a comment on another article, saying: Based on my reading of the debates on Presidential eligibility and other commentary, my opinion is that the concerns that prompted the NBC clause are no longer relevant as our form or … Continue reading

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Is birtherism good for Ted Cruz?

I’m talking about Ted Cruz. The Dallas Observer is talking about Ted Cruz. Atlantic Wire, Town Hall, News/Talk 790 KFYO, NBC, Fox News, National Review, the Houston Chronicle, the Huffington Post, and Vanity Fair are all talking about Ted Cruz. … Continue reading

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Taitz under attack, surrounded–threats loom

While I’m at the dentist’s office, you can read this tale of Orly Taitz inserting herself where she is not wanted, but herself found wanting a legal theory to support her action. Thanks to the Jack Ryan collection for this … Continue reading

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