About Dr. Conspiracy

“I’m not a real doctor1, but I have a Masters Degree, in science.”

Dr. Conspiracy is a retired software developer and executive named Kevin Davidson residing in the Red State of South Carolina. He graduated from Clemson University with a Master of Science in Mathematics in 1974.

In his professional life Dr. Conspiracy spent his career working for and with local, state and federal government agencies, primarily dealing with health care and vital records data systems. He designed and implemented his first electronic birth certificate printing system in 1977 and has since served on the National Association for Public Health Health Statistics and Information Systems (NAPHSIS) Fraud Prevention Committee. He served as a committee co-chair for the American Immunization Registration Association (AIRA), a subject matter expert on data quality for the Centers for Disease Control and has presented papers at the National Immunization Registry Conference on data exchange.

Dr. Conspiracy has had a life-long fascination with disagreements over facts and in particular fringe facts regarding such widely diverse subjects as UFOs, ESP, religious miracles and, of course, conspiracy theories. He got involved in online discussions about Barack Obama’s birth certificate in the Summer of 2008 and those discussions led eventually to the creation of Obama Conspiracy Theories.

Doctor Conspiracy also blogs at Blog or Die! on diverse subjects including technology, religion and current events. He is a member of the Lutheran Church (ELCA) and sings in the choir. He occasionally refers to himself in the third person.

1Dr. Conspiracy also holds the honorary degree of De Facto Juris Doctor Pro Hac Vice.

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