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Archive | September, 2013

The rebranding of Orly Taitz

It once was the “World’s Leading Obama Eligibility Challenge Web Site,” but as commenters here have noted, Dr. Orly Taitz, Esq. has changed the emphasis of her site. Today it’s titled:

Review of Politics, Economics, Constitution, Law and World Affairs by Attorney and Doctor Orly Taitz

with a new graphic touting her “Defend Our Freedoms Foundation.”

Even though Taitz is branching out, this does not mean that she’s stopped birthing, as evidenced by a recent article saying:

Obama’s operatives are spreading rumors that are not true. They are claiming that MS court ruled for Obama, this is not true, there is no decision in MS or MD or 2 cases in Dc or 3 cases in CA. all 7 cases are still pending. they have been spreading similar rumors before [errors in the original]

The smack downs in those cases we are still anticipating, but they are inevitable. Taitz seems to feed on the notoriety she gained among the birthers by filing lawsuits against President Obama; she seems to need this kind of attention. Once before she made a foray into more general litigation by challenging the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare), and one might anticipate that she would try to insinuate herself into future “current affairs” lawsuits.

On the new site we can see that the same old grammar errors, and titles that contain most of the articles remain. Much of the non-birther content is borrowed from other sources. While her new direction would appeal to a broader audience than birthers, her vacuous content and disdain for quality production will not. We are not looking at the next Huffington Post.


Why the Cold Case Posse was doomed from the start

The Cold Case Posse hasn’t achieved anything in the “real world”—there are no indictments, there is no Congressional investigation, and there is no interest from the Media. It has been a total bust. However, stepping back to take the broad view, they never had a chance.

One notes immediately that the Cold Case Posse never had any resources. While the CCP has a loose association with the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, the resources of the Office were not made available to the CCP. Public funding was not provided and the CCP had to rely totally on volunteers and private donations. You never see any “crime lab” staff in the CCP reports, nor any expertise borrowed from the MCSO. The most they got was one Deputy who got a free vacation in Hawaii to babysit Mile Zullo.

The second major handicap was lack of expertise. While the actual membership in the Cold Case Posse has never been disclosed, its leader Mike Zullo was a low-level member of a small-town police force, and that a long time ago. The CCP has relied on volunteers who know a little about computers (promoted to forensic document examiners). Only after a year and a half of embarrassing reports did they hire someone with real certification, and that report was not released.

The most serious problem, though, was that what the CCP was trying to prove was false. We already have certifications from the State of Hawaii, and the Selective Service System that the documents they are trying to prove fake are really legitimate. One simply cannot find real proof of a fake premise.

From the beginning, the Cold Case Posse was doomed.



Life support

I had begun laying out this article in my head when I saw a comment by Rickey:

I kind of miss the old days, when I would check out Jack Ryan’s page at Scribd and there would be new material on a near-daily basis. I just checked and the last thing he posted was the defendant’s response in Taitz v. Colvin nine days ago.

Comrade Fogovich (Foggy) and I were discussing this on Tuesday’s Reality Check Radio show, that not much was really going on with the birthers nowadays. He says that he thinks that there are now more active anti-birthers online now than birthers. May be. That’s hard for me to judge from myself-imposed exile, but it does rather seem to me that the birther movement is terminally ill and on life support. I do not mean that soon there will be no birthers, only that birther activism will drop below the noise level on the Internet.

I wrote prematurely in 2011 of the demise of the birther movement under my alter ego, Obot1. What I did not anticipate in that article was the Cold Case Posse, a quasi-law enforcementish political smear labeled “an investigation” that generated loads of publicity inside the birther bunker and gave them hope (albeit an obviously false hope). The CCP today isn’t even trying to do anything except get Paypal donations, not that any such effort ever had a chance. Team Arpaio was defeated 7-0 by Team Xerox. Orly Taitz isn’t even good for a laugh any more.

The other thing keeping birthers birthing online is the case before the Alabama Supreme Court (MacInnish v. Chapman), a case universally misunderstood by birthers, and which wouldn’t do them any good even if they won it. Its demise will, I hope, teach them the futility of the “one good judge” gambit.

Besides those, there are the brain dead reflexive responses of “false flag” and the repetition of court-rejected arguments about what “natural born citizen” means from the likes of Farrar and Noonan.

There are zombie undead lawsuits still lumbering around the courts eating brains, but it’s hard to get excited about them. Once the Cold Case Posse shoots its wad with the 2nd flop Zullo book with the Hayes Report, it will be all over except the shouting. It’s a pretty dark and gloomy picture for birthers and anti-birthers alike (maybe the cold and the rain here are getting to me).


ORYR’s new look

It’s interesting to note that literally days after I wrote an article about how sucky the Obama Release Your Records/Birther Report web site looks, they opened their new Russian version of the site with a much improved front page design, fixing the distorted stetched images and cutting out the ridiculous amount of advertising. Even though they won’t listen to good advice about their Obama conspiracy delusions, at least they can take constructive criticism about web design. (The individual articles still suffer from clutter.)

I guess they think that the Obots are in Russia and that’s why they decided to open the Russian version of the site.

My favorite idiot birther comment of the day comes from ORYR birther Joe Mannix, who says:

Alabama Supreme Court to rule on Obama’s failure to register with Selective Service

I didn’t even know that Alabama had Selective Service. The link is to the “Coach is Right blog.”


Book review: The United States of Paranoia

I have been enjoying historian Jesse Walkers’s new book, The United States of Paranoia: a Conspiracy Theory. If I had to choose just one sentence to characterize the main thesis of the book, I would choose:

In America, it is always a paranoid time.

The reference is to Richard Hofstadter’s influential article in Harper’s Magazine, “The Paranoid Style in American Politics.” Hofstadter suggested that belief in conspiracy theories was more prevalent on the right than on the left, and less so among the well-educated. Walker takes issue with this characterization of the conspiracy theorist, pointing out several counterexamples. His view is that belief in conspiracies is the norm in America rather than aberration and that it characterizes all social strata. His examples stretch back before the American Constitution. He also debunks some popular stories that I think most Americans (myself included) believe.

Conspiracy theories have been embraced by journalists and congressmen, and even Timothy Dwight, President of Yale University, denounced the Illuminati as a threat to chastity. If you like to know tidbits from the underbelly of American history, here you may find things of interest.

There are also a few pages about birthers towards the end.

I’m still reading, and perhaps I will update the article from time to time.