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Orly Taitz: Quarantined!

Looks like the same malware is back on the Orly Taitz Esq . com web site. “Of the 269 pages we [Google] tested on the site over the past 90 days, 33 page(s) resulted in malicious software being downloaded and … Continue reading

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What have you done for me lately?

I was a little stung by a criticism I read on another blog that “Dr. Conspiracy does no research.” That raised my hackles when I thought about the hundreds of hours in research I have done. But the fact of … Continue reading

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Burden of proof (Vermont 1907)

It is an established principle that the burden of proof in a criminal prosecution lies on the prosecution. A defendant may remain silent and be acquitted if the case against him is insufficient. There is something a reversal of burden, … Continue reading

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Calais v Marshfield

The a US Circuit Court in the case of US v. Rhodes defined natural born citizenship as birth within the allegiance of the United States [cited approvingly by the Supreme Court in US v. Wong Kim Ark]. Some have said … Continue reading

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Field rejects the legal status of natural law

The influential lawyer and legal reformer David Dudley Field gave an address to the Social Science Association in 1866. The title of his talk was “An International Code.” In that address, Field made the following interesting comments about writers on … Continue reading

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Drafting a definition for Natural Born Citizen

I’m working on a definition for Natural Born Citizen to be submitted to the Urban Dictionary. The current definitions there are highly unsatisfactory and have net negative response from those who rate them. This blog has published definitions before including: … Continue reading

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