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Doc gets a shout out @ Peter Boyles show

Peter Boyles smiling photoThanks to Loren for a note about my brief mention on the Peter Boyles (pictured right) KNUS radio show yesterday. There we learn that “cats walk by themselves.” Then Boyles got into his Obama sweet spot. The guest was Alan Jones (followed later by Terry Lakin).

Jones has a degree in “interdisciplinary studies” and worked as a stock broker. He says that he got interested in the Obama topic through writing about Terry Lakin.

Jones experienced what I have also experienced, writing something on the Wikipedia only to have it quickly reverted (undone) by someone else. In his case, he was trying unsuccessfully to create a main entry for Terry Lakin. I note that there is now in the Wikipedia a section on Terry Lakin in the Barack Obama Presidential Eligibility Litigation article, as well as a main article on the Court-martial of Terry Lakin.1 When I had problems getting material into the Wikipedia, I worked to understand the Wikipedia rules, did a better job of sourcing the material, and ultimately got my change in. Jones had a different perception:

That’s when I realized that there are operatives out there, whose job is to make sure that the story of Barack Obama does not get out. I then went on to start writing for the Washington Times community where I broke a number of stories…

One of those articles was about what he perceived as a scheme to dispose of microfilm copies of Obama’s selective service records, a theory I responded to 2012.

At about 11 minutes into the interview, I got a mention:

And it’s interesting now that you bring up the concept of attack dog [in reference to Mother Jones and Media Matters] there’s this self-appointed expert out there named Dr. Conspiracy [Jones: “yep”] that’s not a doctor of anything. His name is Kevin Davidson, and he runs a web site in which he is the attack dog that attacks anyone who dares to question the official narrative of Obama’s [two talking over each other]. Well if you look into his background, he’s actually been a fraud prevention committee member at the National Association for Public Health Statistics and Information Systems.2

This is an outfit called NAPHSIS. Well do you know who was recently appointed President of NAPHSIS in 2008?3 A guy named Dr. Alvin Onaka…. I find it very curious that Dr. Conspiracy is connected to the organization that was headed by Dr. Onaka.

Boyles then goes on to mention Eleanor Nordyke and Jones says:

Back in, I think it was 2012, she came out of the woodwork, nobody had ever heard of her, and she reached out to the media and actually was published in a very radical media organization called the Women’s [inaudible] that was set up by Jane Fonda…

Of course the more knowledgeable of us will remember that there was a feature article on her in the Honolulu Advertiser way back in 2008.

I think Alan Jones would have literally exploded if he had known that I am the one who created the Wikipedia Article on Alvin T. Onaka. 😯

1It makes sense that Terry Lakin shouldn’t have an article since he is personally not notable except for his court-martial, and that already has an article. The concept of “notable” is sort of like “standing” in that you have to take some effort to understand it well.

2To look into my background in this instance means to read my web site.

3Onaka was NAPHSIS president in 2002-4.


This is not an article

I am reduced to writing about the internal squabbles at Gerbil Report™ and re-hashing the old lies of Mike Zullo and his imitators. So I ask you, the reader of this non article, if there is something you think deserves investigation or commentary? Do you have a paper you would like published?

I should add that while I’m not writing blog articles much, I am spending a huge amount of time with OARPA technical projects. The new server is supposed to arrive March 8 with possibly 3 more by the end of the year.


Gerbil bits

I got an email alert that led me over to Gerbil Report™. Sometimes what I see doesn’t make much sense without some context. Here’s the comment by RamboIke:

Commie Tracker has also vetted BSE, PATRIOT_X, Tony Bonn, James Smith, Sluffy1, Fagblow Foggy, and Dr Con.

Folks, the results are disturbing

“Commie Tracker” as I understand it refers to RamboIke himself, and is an ID he used briefly at Gerbil Report™. In 2013 a commenter identifying himself as Rambo Ike left a comment on two sites, Orly Taitz’ and Lucas Smith’s with a “Commie Tracker” profile of another blogger. I couldn’t find an original version of the profile.

“Dr Con” of course replies to me and Foggy refers to the esteemed proprietor of The Fogbow news and discussion forum.

The rest of the list has me scratching my head. Continue Reading →


Mike Zullo: Birther misleader

I want to focus on two statements, one made by Mike Zullo before the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officer’s convention June 1, 2013, and one by Mark Gillar in an interview with Mike Volin the following December. I make the comparison to show that birthers who hear what Mike Zullo says can be misled. Here’s Zullo’s statement:

In 1961, the term used to describe black people on a birth certificate was “negro.”  In order to document this we obtained the 1960 vital statistics instruction manual containing the instructions for coding race on a birth certificate that where followed by every health department in the United States, including the Hawaiian Health Department. As you can see, if the parents race was reported as “colored,” “black,” “brown,” or “Afro-American” the Department of Health Services was required to consider the parents a “negro.” For those of you who may be wondering why the 1960 manual was consulted instead of the 1961 manual, it’s because the 1961 manual wasn’t published until 10 days after Barack Obama’s birth…

Anyone who is familiar with birthers knows that it is widely held among them that the Father’s Race (African) on the Obama certificate is not an allowable entry, and therefore the only reasonable purpose for Zullo’s statement would be to confirm that view. Upon careful examination, Zullo doesn’t say that the race reported by the parent is restricted or changed, but only considered “negro” (in context “considered” refers to the application of a set of rules for determining the race of the child). Zullo also does not say who does the considering—it is key operators at the National Center for Health Statistics who enter data from microfilm records from the states). Zullo also does not say that the 1960 manual was used to code Obama’s data, only notes its publication date. Since 1961 data was keyed in 1962, the August 1961 manual is the applicable document for all 1961 data. A careless listener might also think that the Zullo statement was applicable to the Obama certificate, even though the race “African” wasn’t a listed category. Finally Zullo may leave the impression that what he cited from the 1960 manual was not in the 1961 manual, but it is.

Now what happens when a birther hears the Zullo statement? Here is Mark Gillar’s impression:

It’s about law. In 1961 when Obama was born, the 1961 vital statistics coding manual had not come out. They were still using, even in August, they were still using the 1960 vital statistics manual, and what that manual clear states is that if someone represents themself as “African American,” which was abbreviated A. A., if they represented themself as “black,” if they represented themself as “colored,” the clerk at the department of health was still supposed to list them as a negro. And that’s what the 1960 book has. I can give that to you guys. I actually got them to turn that over to me.

Zullo’s “Department of Health Services,” an ambiguous term probably indicating the Department of Health and Human Services, the federal successor agency to the Department of Health, Education and Welfare that issued the 1960 manual becomes in Gillar’s mind “Department of Health,” which would be appropriate for the Hawaii Department of Health or other local health department. In Gillar’s mind, “considered as” (for statistical purposes) became “list them as.” The fact that Gillar makes the statement at all suggests that he also failed to notice that “African” wasn’t on the list in the instructions.

In the infamous tableau of false and misleading statements that was the second Cold Case Posse press conference, perhaps the highlight was the account of Jerome Corsi’s interview with Verna K. Lee, a registrar at the Hawaii Department of Health in 1961, the person who signed Obama’s birth certificate. Zullo attributed very little to Lee beyond the assertion that entries on Hawaiian birth certificates were double checked,  yet I have read birthers say that basically everything in that press conference related to race coding came from Lee, including the fake 1961 race code chart.

Here is what Zullo actually said:

These codings we learned through our investigation, and then locating the mysterious U.K. Lee, which has plagued this thing for four years, where people were wondering who this is, we located Verna Lee. Verna Lee is 95 years old, amazingly sharp. We spoke with her and she confirms to us what I’m going to share with you now.

You can’t have a document coded like other documents double-checked and have a code that says 9, “not stated” and have a piece of information sitting in the box. That just can’t happen. Verna Lee confirmed that for us.

See how easily one could fall into the false impression that Zullo was saying that Lee had confirmed a specific 1961 code and that she had confirmed everything that followed. Does “what I’m going to share with you now” refer to the next paragraph or more? It’s ambiguous. In fact birther listeners widely believe that it was Zullo who interviewed Lee over the phone rather than Jerome Corsi; that is after all what one expects the lead investigator to do.

The human mind expects that points in an argument are relevant and logically consistent, and it will fill in some obvious gaps. I do this myself. In the case of Mike Zullo, filling in those obvious omissions is a mistake because sometimes the obvious relevance and logical connection one would fill in isn’t true.

See also:

Note: I have found it curious that neither Zullo nor Gillar has been willing to provide the title of this 1960 manual. I think I know why.


Blog business

It appears this blog got hacked, back in 2011. I ran a security scan a little while ago, and it picked up two files that were suspicious, and indeed they were files that weren’t supposed to be there. The file date was from 2011, when this blog was running at another hosting company. I deleted the files, but I doubt they were doing anything still.

A vexing problem for me is spam user registrations. I have no idea why they do it, but there are dozens every day. I installed a plug-in that is supposed to stop this, including all sorts of puzzles and CAPTCHA’s—totally ineffective. Today I put in a new plugin called “STOP SPAM” that is not only supposed to stop spam comments (not much of a problem here) but also spam user registrations. A new version just came out and I’m impressed and so far no spam user registrations. It even has a security scan. Winking smile

Read more:


Why the silence from the Cold Case Posse?

There could be some big announcements in the case soon and forthcoming.

— Carl Gallups
Facebook January 2013

Sheriff Arpaio & Mike Zullo Are Saying Investigation Press Conference Forthcoming

— Carl Gallups
— Freedom Friday February 2015

My habit is to goad the birthers by explaining the Posse’s years of silence, saying “they have nothing.” That’s true in the sense that it is unlikely that the Cold Case Posse, with no manpower to speak of, no resources, and no expertise, would scoop everyone else in the country in uncovering some infamous crime related to Obama’s presidency. My reason might apply to a real law enforcement investigation where standards of evidence apply, but what does that have to do with the Cold Case Posse?

Mike Zullo, fronted by Sheriff Joe Arpaio, presented a raft of issues in his first two press conferences. The standards of evidence didn’t come into play in the selection of that material–arguments and evidence that utterly fell apart under scrutiny. Looking behind the curtain, we found conspiracy theorist author Jerome Corsi feeding much of the bogus evidence. We still don’t know how the fake race code table from the Daily Pen Blog made it to the Posse, but we know Corsi had a hand in getting a bogus confirmation of it. Even with Corsi apparently out of the birth certificate business, there must still be many birther sleuths with their own pet theories being sent to Mike Zullo. I cannot believe that the absence of a third press conference can be attributed to a lack of material. As we know, birthers believe anything, and Zullo is easily fooled. I suppose it is possible that Mike Zullo is too busy pursuing other ways of making a living, to assemble a presentation with the appropriate official-sounding trappings.

In my mind, a strong contender for an explanation is to avoid embarrassing questions. Since the 2nd press conference, two mini scandals arose: Zullo’s acceptance of $10,000 for his personal use from a birther who was also supplying material to the Posse’s investigation, and the disclosure that Arpaio had paid over $100,000 to a con man for evidence supposedly related to the Justice Department (I think this was the source of the universe-shattering revelation that fizzled). If a press conference were held, hard questions about these would certainly be appropriate.

While I think it unlikely, it is conceivable that members of Arpaio’s staff, some of whom are serious professionals, have counseled the Sheriff about the poor quality of the Cold Case Posse work product and that Arpaio has required that any new material be vetted by real detectives. That would effectively screen out anything birther.

It might be that yet another press conference, followed by no indictment, would highlight for the birthers the futility of the entire exercise.

One final possibility is that the difficult situation Arpaio faces with a federal judge scrutinizing his department, and threatening contempt of court against Arpaio, might have convinced him that now is the time to keep his head down and not make bogus accusations against the President.

Whatever the underlying reasons, I think that the most reasonable explanation for the silence is that Joe Arpaio considers it not to his political advantage that a press conference be held.

(I’m assuming that no press conference is actually forthcoming. If it really were forthcoming, then the appropriate thing would be to announce the press conference and give a date.)

The full Gallups quote from 2013 is:

PPS has been in direct contact with the Sheriff Arpaio investigation. We have just again been assured by Lt. Mike Zullo lead investigator that the investigation and potential angles of prosecution are still going full steam ahead. Just because it’s not in the news right now does not mean they are not feverishly working on the matter. There could be some big announcements in the case soon and forthcoming.