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Doc gets a shout out @ Peter Boyles show

Thanks to Loren for a note about my brief mention on the Peter Boyles (pictured right) KNUS radio show yesterday. There we learn that “cats walk by themselves.” Then Boyles got into his Obama sweet spot. The guest was Alan … Continue reading

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This is not an article

I am reduced to writing about the internal squabbles at Gerbil Report™ and re-hashing the old lies of Mike Zullo and his imitators. So I ask you, the reader of this non article, if there is something you think deserves … Continue reading

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Gerbil bits

I got an email alert that led me over to Gerbil Report™. Sometimes what I see doesn’t make much sense without some context. Here’s the comment by RamboIke: Commie Tracker has also vetted BSE, PATRIOT_X, Tony Bonn, James Smith, Sluffy1, … Continue reading

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Mike Zullo: Birther misleader

I want to focus on two statements, one made by Mike Zullo before the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officer’s convention June 1, 2013, and one by Mark Gillar in an interview with Mike Volin the following December. I make the … Continue reading

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Blog business

It appears this blog got hacked, back in 2011. I ran a security scan a little while ago, and it picked up two files that were suspicious, and indeed they were files that weren’t supposed to be there. The file … Continue reading

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Why the silence from the Cold Case Posse?

There could be some big announcements in the case soon and forthcoming. — Carl Gallups — Facebook January 2013 Sheriff Arpaio & Mike Zullo Are Saying Investigation Press Conference Forthcoming — Carl Gallups — Freedom Friday February 2015 My habit … Continue reading

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