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Confirm or deny

Can anyone confirm or deny the report that has appeared on the Fellowship of the Minds blog: Dr. Lakin’s court martial, originally scheduled for Oct. 13-15, has been postponed to November 4, two days after the critical mid-term elections…. UPDATE: … Continue reading

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The more rabid of the birther clan have a distinct view of the world: everything is seen through the lens of Obama not being president. Their heroes are miscreants like Lucas Smith and Walter Fitzpatrick, their villains are honorable officials … Continue reading

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Military judge says Obama eligibility not the issue

While no one should be surprised by the judge Lind’s ruling today, it certainly is disappointing to the defense team of LtC Terry Lakin, the Army doctor who refused to deploy with his unit over his doubts as to whether … Continue reading

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Democratic whip says House Republicans will investigate Obama

Democratic Whip, James Clyburn (D-SC), is reported by to have warned voters that if the Republicans gain a majority in the House of Representatives, Republicans will investigate Obama to the extent that it will end functioning government in the … Continue reading

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FRAUD – the motion picture

What sizes up to be a very angry attack on Barack Obama from Quad City Pictures is supposedly “coming soon to a theater near you.” That was November of 2009, but it’s still making the rounds. I include it here … Continue reading

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Birther echos

I was looking for information on the United States Bar Association (btw, there was a legitimate organization by that name in the 19th century) and came across the same article over and over again. I did a Google search: lakin … Continue reading

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