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Waiting for Zullo

Flying Commando Cody from the movie serial Radar Men from the MoonThis is a compilation of things promised by, or information reasonably expected from Mike Zullo and the Cold Case Posse, that we are still waiting for. While Zullo uses phrases like “ongoing investigation,” from the beginning the Cold Case Posse has chosen to make its case before the public, and not before a jury. Therefore, there are significant questions outstanding from the court of public opinion:

  1. A list of crimes President Obama allegedly committed in the jurisdiction of Sheriff Arpaio.
  2. Any charges filed against President Obama.
  3. The transcript of phone the conversation with Verna K. Lee.
  4. The report of handwriting expert Reed Hayes.
  5. Copies of any vital statistics manuals that support the race code sets claimed by the Zullo in the press conference and YouTube videos.
  6. What title Zullo held as a municipal policeman, and precisely how long he was in that job and what were his duties.
  7. How many Selective Service registration forms did the CCP examine in determining that two-digit years never appear.
  8. The results of tests of Xerox WorkCentre 7655 scanning a birth certificate compared to the White House PDF of President Obama’s certificate.
  9. A motive for the President to forge his birth certificate, when the State of Hawaii verifies everything on it.
  10. Explanation of why he considers the 1960 vital statistics manual materially different from the 1961 manual on the question of race coding.
  11. What was in the “secret” breakout session for the  Constitutional Peace Officers convention, and why it’s secret.
  12. Financial report of the income and expenses of the 501(c)(3) non-profit Cold Case Posse.
  13. Explanation of why the Cold Case Posse is not registered as a non-profit with the State of Arizona.
  14. Explanation of how Zullo has “personal knowledge” (as stated in his sworn affidavit) of things he only read about.
  15. Release of the conclusive proof that will “convince even the greatest skeptic,” “evidence beyond a reasonable doubt” he mentioned in January of 2013.
  16. Explanation of how Zullo had “verified” the Cold Case Posse findings
  17. Exactly who is on the Cold Case Posse “investigating” Obama’s birth certificate and what are their qualifications.
  18. A statement of how much money Zullo received for the book he and Corsi jointly wrote.
  19. A statement of how much of the Cold Case Posse reports were written by persons not on the Posse, and their names.
  20. An explanation of why Mike Zullo pressured Mark Gillar not to debate Frank Arduini on his radio show.
  21. An explanation of why Mike Zullo pressured John Sampson not to testify for Orly Taitz in Indiana.
  22. A disclosure of all financial dealings between Mike Zullo and WorldNetDaily.
  23. The results of interviews by the Cold Case Posse of the White House press corps members who personally viewed the President’s original long form birth certificate.
  24. Documentation of the foreign-born children of foreign nationals having Hawaiian birth certificates that Zullo claims to have.
  25. Results of the IRS investigation into the tax-exempt status of the Cold Case Posse as the result of the June 2012 complaint.
  26. The results of contacts between the CCP and the Hawaii Department of Health.
  27. The documentation of two children who were allegedly listed as newborns in the Honolulu newspapers who were actually 3 years old at the time.
  28. Documentation of the foreign born children listed in Department of Health birth announcements in the Obama birth time frame.
  29. What are the names and the credentials of the “computer graphics experts” and “forensic document examiners” consulted by the Posse in 2012?
  30. Why was John Woodman rebuffed when he offered to present technical information to the Posse?
  31. What was the response of the Postal Service regarding two-digit date images on postmarks?
  32. What was the response of the Selective Service regarding two-digit date images on postmarks?
  33. What was the response of the White House to Cold Case Posse requests as to the details of how the President’s long form birth certificate was scanned and processed for release to the public?
  34. Who is the investigation’s "person of interest?"

Commander Zullo

Commando CodyConfusing good and evil, sense and nonsense, ethical and unethical, scientific and crackpot—all these really irritate me. I think labels matter and that it’s important to assign them correctly and fairly. I also believe in recognizing merit when it’s earned. So I wasn’t too thrilled when commenter scott e called Mike Zullo: “Commander Zullo.”

Now I am perfectly willing, and indeed desirous of calling Mike Zullo by his proper title. I see “Lt. Zullo” or “Detective Zullo” on birther blogs; however, I have no knowledge (and I have been paying attention) that Zullo bears any law enforcement title in his role heading the Maricopa County Arizona Cold Case Posse, a 501(3)(c) non-profit educational charity. A couple of decades ago, it is reported, Zullo had a job with a municipal police department, but the title he held then is not known. Mr. Zullo is certainly welcome to leave a comment to this article clarifying his title. I’ll start using it.

The photo is of a character named Commando Cody from a movie serial, Radar Men from the Moon. The “Z” on the costume was added.

[Update: The correct title for Mike Zullo within the Cold Case Posse (later disbanded) is “commander.”]

Citizenship dream

I awoke this July 4th morning with a very vivid dream on my mind. It was a travel dream, with ships and planes providing the setting. When the old wooden sailing ship I was on landed, I found out that it was not continuing on to where I expected, and so I decided to travel by plane. [Much complication and detail omitted.]

What was odd was a new airline passenger screening process. Before being allowed to board the plane, passengers were first required to say the United States Pledge of Allegiance. That was easy, but the second requirement was a problem. Everyone had to answer 4 American government/citizenship questions. In the dream I just couldn’t quite comprehend the questions. The first question seemed to be about details of the vote in Congress passing the law that created the new passenger screening process. Of course, I had been on a ship right before, and knew nothing about the new legislation.

It was a complicated mess, as dreams can be, and was not resolved before I woke up, much to my relief.

Happy Independence Day.

The Cold Case shuffle

The patience of birthers with the Cold Case Posse amazes me still.

Essentially the Cold Case Posse says:

  1. Look at all this evidence, but it’s not convincing.
  2. We’re keeping private all the evidence that is convincing.

Take the Reed Hayes report: Finally the Cold Case Posse has a real person who has some expertise in something, who has testified in court on multiple occasions about something. What does the his report say? I don’t know; they haven’t released it. I can guarantee you that if it was really damning, they would have called a press conference and released a slick YouTube video narrated by Mark Gillar. But they haven’t released it, and the only reason for that is that it either doesn’t say what they claimed, or they know it would not stand up to criticism.

Nothing they have released to date has stood up to criticism, the faked vital statistics manual, the whole business of “African, their signature “layers” argument of forgery. So, they just say that the “real proof” ™  is there, only it is kept secret because it is an ongoing law enforcement investigation. Investigation of what by whom? Zullo and his non-profit charity volunteers are not law enforcement; they represent no jurisdiction; they haven’t even stated a charge they think they are investigating. It’s just another bunch of birthers playing grownup.

This is both laughable and pathetic, and like a dog, birthers lap this vomit up.

Birther fallback on Obama’s PDF

Doc and abastract

Dr. Conspiracy considers latest birther image analysis

Besides the PDF does not have a chain of custudy (sic). The reporters (sic) copy does. His birth certificate is still a forgery with at least 19 points of forgery on just the reorters (sic) copy.

— Doug Vogt (comment at Native Born Citizen blog)

It’s interesting that Vogt admits that the Guthrie photos have a chain of custody, because they do. They went straight from the Hawaii Department of Heath to the White House press briefing in the custody of Obama’s attorneys, officers of the court. It’s interesting because Vogt once said: “There was no paper copy with a seal presented to the US Public therefore none to examine by anyone!” (Guthrie herself said that she felt the raised seal).

In most discussions birthers have largely ignored the Guthrie photos since they undermine their main position, that no paper document with a raised seal existed. It would take a book-length article to go into all the inane things the birthers have claimed about the PDF, but now that birther marks of forgery on the PDF have been shown to be simply workflow with standard office equipment (no surprise), the Guthrie photos have come to the front, and the pseudo-scientific typography fantasies of Vogt and Irey have become the fallback position.

The Guthrie photos are ideal for birther purposes because they are fuzzy and of low resolution, taken in less-than-ideal circumstances by a cell phone camera. It is well-documented that humans see things in fuzzy images that aren’t there. So what are these “19 points of forgery” in a document that Vogt used to deny existed? I don’t know the 19, but I found 25 points of a general nature in a list by Vogt at Conservative News and Views. Following, I’ll address the ones from the list that actually refer in any way to the Guthrie photos1, my comments in bold face.

  1. Birth certificate number out of sequence. This is simply not true. See my article.
  2. No evidence of raised seal. This is simply and obviously not true. Guthrie’s photo shows the seal, albeit dimly, and she herself said that the had felt it. You can easily see the seal yourself in contrast-enhanced photos.
  3. Several points about type are raised that have been discussed in detail on this blog, but are too complicated to include in this survey article. Suffice it to say that Vogt and Irey are mistaken. Watch the video.
  4. The age of Obama Sr. is wrong. Obama Sr. used different dates of birth in different contexts, not just on the birth certificate. This is not any evidence of forgery.
  5. “The certificate gives Obama’s race as ‘African.’ In those days, a clerk would say ‘Negro’ or ‘Black.’ No one ever used ‘African.’ No one even used ‘African-American’ until the Seventies.” This is simply not true. First “African” is the race of Obama’s father, and the race of the father is self-reported by the parent, not what a clerk says. Second the 1961 keying instructions specifically mention what to key if a parent responds “African American.” The claim is ludicrous. See my article.
  6. Shows cropping. The PDF conversion process in the Xerox WorkCentre machine that scanned the document as a PDF does a cropping function called “Edge Erase.” The Guthrie photo is of the original, and so not cropped.

I don’t know what the “19 points of forgery in the reporters document” are precisely, but from what I can tell, it’s a combination of birthers making stuff up (like the “African” race entry) or imagining things, such as the “rotated ‘e’” in “Male.” And of course, they just ignore most of the time the higher resolution AP image that is inconvenient for their position. Despite reports the contrary, birthers have no clothes.

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