Editorial Policy

  1. Obama Conspiracy Theories should be accessible to everyone and so insider language and jargon is avoided when possible
  2. Visitors comments are welcome on Obama Conspiracy Theories; however, this blog is not a public message board for visitors to post articles which are either off topic or are being posted identically on many web sites. Obscene language is not allowed.
  3. Some articles contain jokes, satire, offensive material or outrageous claims. These can be identified with the “Wild and Wacky” category label or tagged as “fiction” (tags appear at the end of the article); such material is not represented as truthful. Material in the “Lounge” is informal in nature and may contain opinions of the blog owner. Material in the “Research Notes” category represents work in progress, and not fully-developed conclusions.
  4. Visitors will be treated with respect, whether they deserve it or not. However, persistent abusive comments may result in a ban. It’s a free country, but this is not a free blog.
  5. Visitor comments will not be altered except in rare cases to correct obvious typographical errors or by their request. All comments become the property of ObamaConspiracy.org. All trouble arising from comments remains the property of the commenter.
  6. The content of main articles is the responsibility of the blog owner.  Obama Conspiracy Theories does not take responsibility for visitor comments that appear on the blog. If any one has a problem with an article, or a comment add a comment.
  7. Obama Conspiracy Theories implements a content-based moderation system. If your comment is moderated, this is because something in it triggered the moderation system. If your comment is moderated, you should expect it to appear within 24 hours (unless I’m away). It is also possible that spam-blocking software has flagged your comment as spam. Again, legitimate comments should be cleared within 24 hours. The first comment for every commenter is moderated. Bans are also enforced by moderation.
  8. The “Contact Us”  link works, but the preferred method of communication is to comment on the articles. I try to make it a policy not to debate people in email. It takes too much time. The best use of the contact page is to let me know about a breaking news item or a problem accessing the site. Errors in articles can be posted as comments on the article.
  9. Obama Conspiracy Theories” used in reference to the name of the web site refers to any negative claim about Barack Obama involving facts not widely accepted, or poorly documented. In articles the phrase “conspiracy theory” refers exactly to theories involving a conspiracy. For example, Leo Donofrio’s views on natural-born citizenship are not described as a conspiracy theory, but his claims that Chester A. Arthur tried to cover up his father’s naturalization status are. While the phrase “conspiracy theory” has a pejorative connotation, this web site, except for its title, strives to make value judgments only as to the evidence available to support theory, not to dismiss theories by attaching labels.
  10. All original material on ObamaConspiracy.org is Copyright 2008-16 by ObamaConspiracy.org and may not be copied or reprinted without attribution to ObamaConspiracy.org.
  11. Blog owner comments will be posted exclusively under the title Dr. Conspiracy. I do not use “sock puppets” on this blog.
  12. Misinformation and disinformation about Barack Obama, his family and his administration are the subject of this web site, and such allegations are permitted. Misinformation and disinformation about others will not be tolerated.
  13. Personal attacks directed against other commenters are prohibited. This includes any threat explicit, veiled, ambiguous or implied. Any comment advocating violence against anyone is prohibited. Things like that will get you banned. Commenters whose sole purpose is to pick a fight will be banned.
  14. Posting personal information about private individuals is prohibited.
  15. No commenter shall demand personal information from another. Instances of this may result in redaction of the comment, deletion of the comment, or in extreme cases moderation or banning of the commenter.
  16. The unlicensed practice of psychiatry is prohibited. It is off limits to say or imply that another commenter suffering from a mental illness (even if they are) or should be on medication (even if they should). Words like “crazy” or “nutty” are OK in reference to statements, but not people.

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