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Archive | November, 2009

MDL consolidation of “Obama eligibility” cases

It was a slow news day, OK?

I was tipped off to a web site and an organization that I wasn’t familiar with today. It is the United Civil Rights Councils of America. The primary raison d’être for the organization seems to be something with parental visitation rights, but they host a huge page on the Obama eligibility question. (The anti-Obama page is different in format from the rest of the site, which raises questions as to whether it is supposed to be there). Some of the assertions on the page include:

  1. If Obama is removed from office, there will have to be new elections in 2010.
  2. The Attorney General is not allowed to defend Obama on any issue relating to citizenship or eligibility.
  3. The Presidential Records (US Code Title 44, Chapter 22) makes all of Obama’s documents public records (including that pesky long form).
  4. There are “several available, concrete-solid standing postures of virtually any U.S. Citizen, eligible Voter, Taxpayer, Landowner, or the like.”

However, the title bit for this article is this:

Since, even after allowing an entire year now since the fraudulent 2008 General Election, it STILL seems that nobody is able to get actually serious enough to throw a flagrantly-obvious impostor/usurper out of office, in using the court system and the laws already in force, it seems there’s no choice but to soon enter into each of your own respective cases, immediately move to consolidate them all together under MDL (federal Multi-District Litigation), and maybe also bump it up into a huge mass-action or class-action suit, allowing for each and every U.S. Citizen, Taxpayer, Voter and Landowner to be able to self-join/self-intervene by geography (i.e., by jurisdiction), using simple checkbox “legal standing” forms made available online, and then self-filed per each of their own respective Divisional courthouses. And, I just happen to have a nationwide network of 3200+ online groups (for every single State, County, Parish, Borough and Independent City across the whole country) to actually do it, if really needed… That is, unless I can finally see some serious progress made *by the others leading* in these various “NObama” impostor/usurper cases still active in any court, and that good progress implemented in the most urgently quick and direct fashion, by using any or all of the legal info/ammo provided below. [coloration removed]