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Archive | May, 2010

New Orly Taitz campaign video

Click on image and follow instructions left

KABC-TV Los Angeles has offered a 5-minute spot to each candidate for statewide office. Click this link and the following instructions to see the video made by Orly Taitz:

  1. Click on the circular START button labeled: “Start using NextGen Politics.”
  2. Click “CA Statewide Offices” next to the small map of California.
  3. Click “Secretary of State” from the scrolling list that appears below.
  4. Click “Orly Taitz – Republican”
  5. Click the “play button” (right-pointing triangle) under the picture of Taitz.

Here is a link to her candidate Q & A.



Long-time readers here may recall that I filed my own FOIA with the US Department of state asking for records of passports issued to Stanley Ann Dunham. I filed it in January of 2009, over 16 months ago. The DoS accepted the request, assigned a case number to it last April (improper requests do not get a case assigned). And I have been sitting for a very long time waiting for an answer.

I’ve called the DoS 4 times and emailed them once. The email received no reply and the phone calls yielded no useful information except that it had be referred to the Passport section.

I called again today and the fellow I talked to at the DoS FOIA Hot Line was a little more forthcoming than the folks I talked to before. Here are some things I picked up from the call:

  1. Passport information requests are normally “pretty quick”.
  2. The fellow I talked to was aware of litigation by others over requests overlapping mine. That is, he knew exactly what was going on in the wider context.
  3. My request had been responded to by the passport section.
  4. For some reason the FOIA sent it back to Passport for further research.
  5. My request was now being looked at by the DoS “Legal advisor.” Continue Reading →

Federal judge David O. Carter declines 2nd birther case

We reported on the case of Jones v Obama last April. Ruth Jones is attempting to unseat the President through a lawsuit. The U. S. Attorneys filed a “Notice of Related Case” saying that this case is a repeat of Barnett v. Obama. The government stated that the present case raises the same issues as the former case and that it would save the court considerable labor if the case could be sent to Judge David O. Carter, who also heard Barnett.

Well, Judge Carter is having none of it. The transfer order was declined by Carter with a big red rubber stamp saying: “TRANSFER ORDER DECLINED” and the handwritten comment: “Insufficiently related under the rule.”


Bill Clinton speaks ill of the “birthers”

Bill Clinton

I was struggling for a neutral headline–better to say, “Clinton ripped them a new one”.

In comments at the Yale University commencement, Clinton talked about people who surround themselves with information that agrees with them. They can chose their friends, their television channels and hang out on web sites surrounded by one-sided conversation.

Clinton pointed to the birthers as an example of one of those “bizarre consequences” said It is clear to this writer that a large percentage of people who buy into Obama denialism do so because they only hear one side of the story and are mislead to think it is a consensus view.

Here is an audio link to President Clinton’s address.