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Archive | July, 2012

Zombie epidemic

Despite recent denials of zombie attacks from the Centers for Disease Control (the FBI used to say there was no organized crime), there continue to be sightings. We here at the Obama Conspiracy Theories blog have been lulled into a sense of complacency by Mario Apuzzo who has been posting extensively in comments here; unbeknownst to us it was only a distraction while he created a zombie of his Purpura v. Obama lawsuit. The undead case has been seen and documented at the New Jersey Supreme Court1. It is well known that just about the only effective means of destroying a zombie is massive trauma to the head, preferably by a strike from a large wooden mallet.


Indeed, another brain-consuming zombie brief has appeared at the Supreme Court of the United States no less. Birther Zombie queen Orly Taitz filed an appeal of the Georgia ballot challenge,  Farrar v. Obama. Zombies have been identified by their decaying physical bodies, and this is clearly evident in the Farrar brief, for example on page 43 where some of the text has deteriorated to the point that it is barely recognizable.


1I’ve been reading the appeal and am researching it for a possible serious article.


Kreep strikes back

Newly-elected San Diego Superior Court Judge Gary Kreep threatens “action” against the San Diego Bar Association, who rated him “lacking in qualifications” in his successful his run for the judgeship. Bar Association President Marvin Mizell said that this is the first time a person with this rating has been elected so far as he is aware.

Kreep says it’s anti-religious and political bigotry (Kreep is against abortion and gay marriage), but Mizell says religion and politics are not a factor in the rating by 21 members of the bar. Check out station KPBS’ report of the story.


Targeted advertising

My Google alerts pointed me to an article at WorldNetDaily where Larry Klayman supposedly pulled the rug out from under Obama’s attorneys with his (now stricken) “Second Amended Complaint” in Voeltz v. Obama. Attorney Klayman somehow overlooked this slam-dunk winner in his original complaint and the amended complaint. If it’s such a winner, one wonders how paralegal Jerry Collette figured it out but attorney Klayman didn’t (perhaps Klayman finally got around to reading Collette’s case).

I’m not a lawyer, but those who are seem to think that this declaratory judgment is a non-starter. However, what stuck me, and prompted this story’s title is what I saw at WND:



What will $10,000 buy?

That’s the amount reportedly spent on the Maricopa County, Arizona, Cold Case Posse junket to Hawaii to investigate Barack Obama. Now, Sheriff Joe has scheduled another press conference July 17 at 2:30 local time at the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office to present the “results.” WND promises to stream the event (surprise, surprise).

I think answer to my titular question is: “more hot air, with a distinctly fecal odor.”