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Archive | April, 2013

Is there life after Grinols?

One of the amusing side notes coming out of the reports from the Grinols v. Electoral College hearing yesterday was a comment by Orly Taitz that she was picking up a used X-Ray machine in the afternoon, presumably for her dental practice. This indicates that she still has some intention to continue to practice dentistry.

Judge England dismissed Orly’s big eligibility case yesterday, and one has to speculate about what this means for her. (So far, she hasn’t commented on the loss on her blog). It is my view, and one shared by others, that Orly Taitz receives personal validation from her role as the crusading attorney, and indeed she has gotten some serious mileage out of that identity, appearing on national television both here and abroad. And if there were any question about how Orly views herself, just look at the masthead of her web site [link to Taitz web site].

Despite around 30 supporters showing up for Orly’s performance in Court yesterday, interest in Obama eligibility stories is waning. Both birther and Obot web sites have shut down. I suppose Orly will file a motion to reconsider, and perhaps a frivolous appeal in Grinols. She still has a case active in Mississippi, but it’s not doing much right now, and Mississippi doesn’t have the media impact of California (and she’s not licensed to practice law in Mississippi anyway).

It would seem to me that Orly Taitz will keep filing lawsuits. Given that she is branching out on her web site to other dubious right-wing causes beyond Obama conspiracies, I think it’s quite possible that she will start filing lawsuits on these topics, but she could continue to file Obama lawsuits too. I don’t think the frivolous and abusive lawsuits will stop until she is disbarred and/or declared a vexatious litigant.

Perhaps there is a future for her in talk radio following the model of Alex Jones.

I do not think the birther queen is feenished.


Article says birthers are good for Obama

In an article on the Chinese web site, Global Times, California writer Charles Gray said in a significant article yesterday:

However, far from being a danger to Obama, birther mania has actually helped his political agenda and has, more often than not, left the Republican Party on the political defensive.

It’s good propaganda for the Chinese to paint the Republican party as racists, but I don’t think this article is far off the mark, pointing out the failure to produce any evidence by birther celebrities Donald Trump, and Joe Arpaio.

Anyway, “’Birther’ lunacy leaves all Republicans painted as racist crackpots” is a feel-good article for Obots, and the birthers (in particularly David Farrar and KBOA) are wailing and gnashing their teeth in comments there.


Grinols hearing this morning

An important hearing is scheduled this morning in the case of Grinols v. Electoral College. Oral arguments will be heard on motions to dismiss. You can read more about what’s going to happen today in my article, “Things heat up for Monday face-off in Grinols.” Interested parties are expected to attend the hearing and a special edition of Reality Check Radio will report on the hearing tonight at 9:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time. The Fogbow Boots on the Ground™ thread  for the Grinols hearing has been created for reports from attendees. The hearing is expected to be over by noon Pacific Time (21:00 UTC). Orly Taitz is reprinting a number of letters purporting to be from military officers (presumably retired) urging judge England to hear Taitz’s case “on the merits.”  (I am reminded at this moment by the movie, Dr. Strangelove.) Taitz says in one article that there are 17 letters in all. Of course, the Judge cannot hear a case that he lacks jurisdiction to hear no matter what her fans may want. In the mean time, Taitz seems focused on reprinting every right-wing spin on the Boston Marathon bombing: “Is FBI trying to create a ‘lone wolf’ scenario to cover up involvement of others who trained and financed these 2 Muslim terrorists?” Taitz has been at the forefront of repeating rumors and irresponsible speculation on this story. Read more:


A fairy tale

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, lived a good king and queen. The land was fair and prosperous, but one day there appeared in the forest near the castle a wicked witch, and, as you might imagine, things became less fair and prosperous after that.

The witch was very old and very ugly. She had huge bushy eyebrows and a nose that was so long that you wouldn’t believe me if I tried to describe it to you: some said that it looked like a gurney. Well, what happened was that people who wandered into the forest fell under the enchantment of the witch and, no matter who they were, or what they looked like before, they turned into very old and very ugly people with exceedingly long noses. The witch, who was evil at heart and always trying to turn good things into bad, also gave the people a grumbling attitude so that they never tried to solve their problems, but just shuffled around grumbling all the time.

One day, the king and queen went riding abroad in their royal carriage, and the king remarked to the queen: “How camest  it to be that so many of our subjects are old and ugly and have such long noses?” They rode on farther and the queen remarked: “How camest  it to be that there is such grumbling in the land, when the weather is fair and the crops are bountiful?”

When the king and queen returned to the castle, the queen went up a long and winding stair, into the highest tower, to a door that was locked with twelve locks. The queen unlocked each lock and then entered a wondrous room that was decorated with mysterious wooden carvings overlaid with gold and inset with jewels. On one side there was affixed to the wall a silver mirror and on the sides of it were two candles in golden candlesticks, and the candles never went out. (Of the creation of this room and its remarkable objects, no tale tells, the castle being very ancient.) The queen approached the mirror and asked in rhyme, as her mother had taught her:

Mirror, mirror on the wall
Why’s there grumbling, one and all,
And why the brows all rough and ferny
And noses long just like a gurney?

The image of the queen in the mirror began to swirl and twirl, and in place of the queen’s image, there appeared the image of Belinda the Wise (the good witch of whom many tales are told). The kindly voice of Belinda replied:

Deep midst the forest, down in a ditch,
There lives a foul and evil witch.
To save the land, and people dear,
The king must go. There he will hear
Three tasks to do, but should he fail,
The king will die, and all shall wail.

That was disturbing news. The queen loved the king very much, and was afraid that he might die, and so she didn’t tell him about what the mirror had said about the tasks. Well, as you can imagine things just got worse and worse. More and more of the people fell under the spell of the witch’s enchantments. Nobody tilled the fields; nobody milked the cows. The cobbler and the blacksmith stopped their trades. Soon there was nothing to eat, and naturally they blamed it all on the king. Indeed, people took to coming to the castle and shouting bad things to the king, saying that they needed a new king, one who make the crops plant and plow themselves, and the cows milk themselves, and the shoes and tools make themselves.

The king was very distressed by this turn of events and decided that he needed to take some time off alone to ponder the solution. So he decided to go hunting in the forest, taking his heroic steed Valencia, his faithful hound Marvo, and his shotgun KABOOM. And he set off towards the forest. Continue Reading →