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Archive | January, 2014

2014 Obama Conspiracy Preview

I predict more of the same and some things different.

Predicting the future is done for fun. It’s even more fun if some outlandish prediction actually comes true. My favorite prediction that did come true was that birthers were going to claim that Hawaii is not a state. Here are my top ten 2014 predictions:

  1. Obama will not be impeached,  nor removed from office in 2014.
  2. Taitz v Democrat Party of Mississippi will still be active at year end.
  3. The Alabama Supreme will affirm the lower court decision in the McInnish case in a split decision.
  4. Orly Taitz will announce her candidacy for President of the United States. She will argue that if Obama can be president, anyone can.
  5. Millions of Americans will die.
  6. The Cold Case Posse will put off the release of their universe-shattering evidence until 2015.
  7. The birthers will come up with something as surprising as it is silly.
  8. Interest in birtherism will decline.
  9. I will run out of predictions before reaching 10.