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Archive | May, 2014

Orly Taitz Super PAC responds

I just saw this in the Twitter feed.

Readers may recall that Orly Taitz in her most recent two filings in Mississippi raised the issue of the Orly Taitz Super PAC, alleging that it was stealing money from her campaign. Now the Orly Taitz Super PAC has responded with an article sympathetic to Taitz, and this pledge:

We give our solemn assurance that every penny raised by the Orly Taitz Super PAC is used to promote Orly Taitz’ candidacy for Attorney General.


This article has been updated to show the spiffy new graphic for the Orly Taitz Super PAC. According to the Volunteer page, it was donated by someone with the initials PA.

Anti-Obama books

I dropped by today and as always, they suggested some books I might want to buy. I was shocked by the array of anti-Obama books offered, headed by the aptly-named: The Anti Obama Book by David Nordmark:

  • The Anti Obama Book – The Straight Facts As To Why Obama Sucks by David Nordmark
  • Obama’s Enemies List: How Barack Obama Intimidated America and Stole the Election by Floyd G. Brown
  • The Muslim Brotherhood in the Obama Administration by Frank Gaffney
  • How Obama Betrayed America….And No One Is Holding Him Accountable by David Horowitz
  • Black Skin Privilege and the American Dream by David Horowitz and John Perazzo
  • Barack Obama’s Rules for Revolution: The Alinsky Model by David Horowitz
  • President Obama’s Plan To Bankrupt the USA by Jerome Corsi
  • Obama and Islam by Robert Spencer
  • Impeachable Offenses: The Case for Removing Barack Obama from Office by Aaron Klein
  • Saul Alinsky:The Evil Genius Behind Obama by Jerome Corsi
  • Breaking the System: Obama’s Strategy for Change by Liz Blaine and David Horowitz
  • Obama: The Greatest President in the History of Everything (Voices of the Tea Party) by Frank J. Fleming (satire)
  • Obama’s America: Unmaking the American Dream  by Dinesh D’Souza
  • The Amateur by Edward Klein
  • Barack Obama, Prophecy, and the Destruction of the United States by Bob Thiel
  • Obama and the War Against the Jews by Jacob Laksin and David Horowitz
  • The Ultimate Obama Survival Guide: How to Survive, Thrive, and Prosper During Obamageddon by Wayne Allyn Root
  • Obama’s Four Horsemen: The Disasters Unleashed by Obama’s Reelection by David Harsanyi
  • OBAMA: God’s Judgment Upon America? by Gary Lee Roper
  • Confront and Conceal: Obama’s Secret Wars and Surprising Use of American Power by David E. Sanger
  • The Roots of Obama’s Rage by Dinesh D’Souza
  • Obama: The Worst President Ever! by Joey Kaplan
  • The Cult of Common Core: Obama’s Final Solution for Your Child’s Mind and Our Country’s Exceptionalism by Brad McQueen
  • Leading from Behind: The Reluctant President and the Advisors Who Decide for Him by Richard Miniter
  • The Obama Blogs by Robert Sherwood
  • Fool Me Twice : Obama’s Shocking Plans for the Next Four Years Exposed by Aaron Klein and Brenda Elliott
  • Hopeless: Barack Obama and the Politics of Illusion by Jeffrey St. Clair, Joshua Frank, Kevin Alexander Gray and Kathy Kelly
  • 2012 Election: The 106 BEST Reasons NOT to Vote for Obama by Lawrence Allen
  • The ABC’s of Barack Obama: Understanding God’s Greatest Gift to America (Lies Obama Told Me) by Teri O’Brien
  • Obama: Our National Nightmare by Nelson Anderson
  • Obama’s Globe: A President’s Abandonment of US Allies Around the World by Bruce Herschensohn
  • Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair: Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder by Lawrence W. Sinclair and Jeff Rense
  • Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair: Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder by Lawrence W. Sinclair and Jeff Rense
  • Barack Obama and the Enemies Within (Trevor Loudon) by Trevor Loudon, Rodney R Stubbs and Joel Barbee
  • The People Vs. Barack Obama: The Criminal Case Against the Obama Administration by Ben Shapiro
  • Obama’s 1984 by Mark Tapson
  • The Obama Confession: Secret Fear. Secret Fury. by Andrew G Hodges MD
  • False Idol: Barack Obama and the Continuing Cult of the Presidency by Gene Healy
  • The Obama Timeline:From his Birth in 1961 Through his First 100 Days in Office by Don Fredrick  (has communist symbols on cover)
  • No Higher Power: Obama’s War on Religious Freedom by Phyllis Schlafly and George Neumayr
  • The Obama Syndrome: Surrender at Home, War Abroad by Tariq Ali
  • OBAMA’S WORLD: Secrets and Deceptions by Will Clark
  • How Obama Embraces Islam’s Sharia Agenda (Encounter Broadsides) by Andrew C. McCarthy
  • Obama’s Ring: The Seat of Satan by Will Clark
  • Obama The Imperial President by Harley Love
  • Trickle Up Poverty: Stopping Obama’s Attack on Our Borders, Economy, and Security by Michael Savage
  • Blacklash: How Obama and the Left Are Driving Americans to the Government Plantation by Deneen Borelli
  • Injustice: Exposing the Racial Agenda of the Obama Justice Department by J. Christian Adams
  • The Pandora President: Why We Cannot Reelect President Barack Hussein Obama by Donald William Johnson
  • King Obama: America’s Greatest Danger by Will Clark
  • Promoting Decline: Obama vs. America by Scott Wheeler
  • Obama and the Middle East: The End of America’s Moment? by Fawaz A. Gerges
  • The Obama Error – Second Edition as Amended by Stephen Pidgeon
  • Spreading the Wealth: How Obama is Robbing the Suburbs to Pay for the Cities by Stanley Kurtz
  • Gangster Government: Barack Obama and the New Washington Thugocracy by David Freddoso
  • Obama’s Secrets by Gil Peretz and Nili Peretz
  • Obama Zombies: How the Liberal Machine Brainwashed My Generation by Jason Mattera
  • The Blueprint: Obama’s Plan to Subvert the Constitution and Build an Imperial Presidency by Ken Blackwell
  • Obama Exposed by Steve Elliott and John Aman
  • The Obama Nation by Jerome R. Corsi
  • The Post-American Presidency: The Obama Administration’s War on America by Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller and John Bolton
  • Obama’s Education Takeover (Encounter Broadsides) by Lance T Izumi
  • Obama 2.0 – Uncivil War by D T Pollard
  • Obama’s Economy: Recovery for the Few by Jack Rasmus
  • The Obama File by Frederick Meekins
  • Deconstructing Obama: The Life, Loves, and Letters of America’s First Postmodern President by Jack Cashill
  • Radical-in-Chief: Barack Obama and the Untold Story of American Socialism by Stanley Kurtz
  • Obama and the Fourth Reich (And other discourses) by Dov Ivry
  • Obama’s Radical Roots: Saul Alinsky, Jeremiah Wright, and the Others who Shaped his Worldview by William Washington Bragg
  • Obama Must Go by David Pimentel
  • Obama and the Crash of 2013 (Encounter Broadsides) by Peter Ferrara
  • The Obama Identity by John LeBoutillier and Edward Klein
  • Obama’s War on the Young by John Perazzo

Forensically speaking

I was reading Douglas Vogt’s petition to the Supreme Court and noticed this sentence (presumably ghost-written by Montgomery Blair Sibley).

Attached to the Notice of Commission was Vogt’s publicly-available, 95 page affidavit in which he demonstrated forensically the existence of twenty (20) separate points of forgery in the Certificate of Live Birth (“COLB”) of Barack Hussein Obama, II (“Obama”).

Forensics is a science, the scientific method of gathering and examining information about the past, a discipline that to my knowledge Vogt has never practiced nor received training in. Vogt’s affidavit doesn’t cite any published works on forensic science, nor does he allude to having any background whatsoever in questioned document examination. He is a self-made expert. Indeed Vogt expresses disdain for the forensic certification, characterizing it as meaningless at Birther Report:

Paul Irey and myself have over 83 years experience in the graphics/type and scanner business. A forensic document examiner takes a course over the internet, pays $800 and 98% of them pass and get the certificate. I had to send my chapter on evidence of computer manipulation to the Arizona Sheriffs office who sent it to Reed Hayes so he would learn more about Photoshop and how Adobe created the JBIG2 compression layer. He did not know it. He is a hand writing expert and worse yet he only worked from the PDF copy that there was no chain of custody. He is NOT an expert on type and what Paul and I covered in my affidavits.

It serves Vogt’s purpose to make sweeping generalized aspersions about document examiners and their qualifications, because Vogt himself has no such qualifications. It is true that there are forensic certification diploma mills, but the organization certifying Reed Hayes is not one of them, nor is the American Board of Forensic Document Examiners that requires, for example, an undergraduate degree plus two years of full-time training at an accredited forensic laboratory and current employment in the field, and in order to apply to take oral, written and practical certification tests, must provide references from three certified examiners. In short, Douglas Vogt could not become ABFDE certified.

Vogt himself seems to have been completely unaware of JBIG2 compression until the anti-birthers told him about it (it is completely absent from his earlier reports) and he certainly has no “chain of custody” associated with his puttering around. Given that Obama’s birth certificate appears to the first document Vogt has ever examined “forensically,” I would think it fair to call him a “beginner” rather than an “expert.”

The reason that Vogt is not an expert, and the reason he is not qualified to make the claims he does is:

  • Vogt uses no recognized methodology: he makes it up as he goes along
  • Vogt cites no recognized authority
  • Vogt doesn’t look at evidence objectively, discarding, for example, any published birth certificate that contradicts his numbering theories
  • Vogt freely misrepresents regulations and statutes to try to prove false statements.
  • Vogt has no prior experience in examining forgeries.
  • Vogt has never even taken so much as a single course in forensic document science.

Judge Malihi, an administrative law judge in Georgia, summed it up in his decision in the case of Farrar v. Obama, speaking of Douglas Vogt and Felicito Papa:

neither witness was properly qualified or tendered as an expert in birth records, forged documents or document manipulation

As for Paul Irey, he said that he was certain Obama’s birth certificate was fake before he looked at and was just trying to justify that belief–he lacks scientific objectivity. Here’s a section from the transcript of Irey’s appearance on Reality Check Radio:

Irey: … I started to study it, knowing it had to be a forgery, and just looking for what I could find.
Foggy: You knew it was a forgery before you started studying it?…
Irey: Yes, yes. I knew it was a forgery.
Foggy: How’d you know that?
Irey: I had information from a government worker who had a friend at one of the agencies who come back to me after we had a big debate during the time Obama had been, uh, announced for office [inaudible] legitimacy, where’s the birth certificate? We were talking about that way back when, and he debated with me. Went down to his agency and advised me that, uh, that I was right basically. That there was no birth certificate in the records. But his agency was not going to, uh, do anything about it more or less. So I kind of went in with his background. It sort of converted his attitude. I could tell how his attitude changed after that, because he was no longer supporting Obama. I was supporting Colin Powell….
Foggy: I’m not asking you to identify the guy, but can you tell us like what agency? Was it an intelligency agency? I mean can you give us a hint?
Irey: Yes, I can. It was the Secret Service.
Foggy: OK
Irey: As you know, the Secret Service is, one of their responsibilities is to vet. …

Of course, the Secret Service doesn’t vet presidential candidates, and there is no reason that they would have a birth certificate in their files for any of them.

Irey’s analysis consists primarily of blown up copies of typewritten text. Irey claims 57 years experience in typesetting, but nothing in his report is about typesetting; it is about typewriters, and Irey describes his typewriter experience as: I’m also four years experience in typing with a typewriter (Taitz v. Elections Commission testimony). Irey also says that he used Photoshop from the beginning, but the best Irey could hope to  do with such expertise would be to show that the White House PDF could have been created by Photoshop, not that it wasn’t created by something else, like a Xerox WorkCentre 7655. (I should add that no birther has ever produced a fake birth certificate using Photoshop that has all of the characteristics of Obama’s certificate.) Irey has no experience with the electronic format of a PDF so as to find any unique signature of Photoshop.

Vogt’s Supreme Court petition will be denied.

Important Internet Explorer Patch: XP too!

A public service announcement

A rather nasty bug in Microsoft Internet Explorer has been patched as of yesterday. Even though officially unsupported, a patch for Windows XP is available also. See article at ZDNet.

Among the more virtuous and enlightened Internet readers of this blog, the Chrome browser has taken the number 1 position (followed in order by Firefox and Internet Explorer) in April statistics:


Windows remains, far and above, the most used Operating system for visitors at 68%:


I would have expected more iOS.