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Local taxpayers fed up with Arpaio investigation

Sheriff Joe Arpaio has been letting birthers play “cops and President” at his office since birther enthusiast Jerome Corsi introduced the game at a local Tea Party gathering last year. Some local taxpayers, however, became outraged when they learned that $40,000 of Department funds had been used to send one of the birthers to play […]


Arpaio defends birther posse

In an interview with Phoenix TV station KNXV, Sheriff Joe Arpaio defends his action in appointing a posse to investigate Tea Party allegations that Barack Obama committed election fraud by running for President as an non-eligible candidate. "First of all, about 300 people signed petitions," Arpaio said of the investigation into Obama’s birth certificate. "I […]


An Editorial Response by Brian Reilly to Sharon Rondeau’s Post & eMail article of October 19, 2016 entitled “There Is More Than Meets the Eye with the Arpaio Birth Certificate Investigation”

Guest editorial by Brian Reilly The following editorial article is my reply to the Sharon Rondeau article, which Ms. Rondeau published in response to an Arizona Central, (AC) article that was published in print and also on the internet. The AC reporter spent 4 ½ hours on September 22, 2016, interviewing us at our home. […]


Doc makes financial disclosure

One of the commenters at Gerbil Report™ said: SirenDrake: Wouldn’t you just love to get a glimpse of Dr. Con’s financial records during the period when he was mocking up fake electronic birth certificates for the resident? My Obama birth certificate reconstruction was published August 22, 2009. So just to throw the birther off track, […]