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Where do you say Barack Obama was born?

It is common knowledge in Hawaii that Barack Obama was born at the Kapi’olani Medical Center in Honolulu, Hawai’i. Honolulu is what it says on Obama’s birth certificate and that’s what two newspaper birth announcements said. The director of the Hawaii Department of Health even checked the original documents and issued a public statement, posted on the State web site, that Barack Hussein Obama was born in Hawaii. A good source for information on how they feel in Hawaii is the Honolulu Advertiser newspaper that published a series of articles on Obama’s life in Hawaii. For the official view, read the Hawaii Department of Health Obama FAQ.

I thought that those newspaper announcements were ads that anyone could have placed?

No, they are not ads. It says “Health Bureau Statistics” in the newspaper column heading. They came from a news service that got them from the Hawaii Department of Health. Because two competing newspapers published the same announcement (and with the same infants before and afterward) means that the list of births had to have come from the same source. This is again information from the Honolulu Advertiser newspaper.

I thought a private investigator had sworn statements that proved that the newspaper announcement was false?

The investigator from Louisiana (who didn’t go to Hawaii at all) signed (but didn’t swear) that he had hired some unnamed person(s) in Hawaii to interview someone who supposedly lived next door to the address in the newspaper (but really lived 5 doors down) who said they didn’t remember a black child of a white mother. No one swore anything; the claim was from somebody who did not live close to next door and it was 47 years ago. Please refer to the longer article here. A city directory from 1961 shows that the Stanley Ann Obama lived at the address in the newspaper.

I read that someone had called every hospital in Hawaii and all of them said that neither Barack Obama nor his mother had ever been a patient.

Of course, when you read that, you didn’t see the name and contact information for the person who supposedly made those calls. So why should you believe it ever happened? The Privacy Rule of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) prevents the hospitals from saying anything. If anyone called the hospitals (and some people have), they will be told that the hospital can give out no information. This was discussed in a newspaper article from Honolulu.

John McCain published his birth certificate; why won’t Obama?

John McCain never published his birth certificate. A fake birth certificate was submitted by Hollander in the case of Hollander v. McCain. Barack Obama, however, published his birth certificate online in June, 2008.

I read that it had been proven that Obama’s so-called birth certificate was a fake.

A couple of bloggers who wouldn’t even give their real names (TechDude and Ron Polarik) claimed this was true, but they faked their analysis just like they faked their names and credentials.

How about Sandra Lines? She’s a real document expert and she gave a sworn statement under her real name.

That’s true, but she never said it was a forgery. Rather she said “it [is] impossible to determine whether the document is genuine or fake,” based on an image on the Internet.

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What is the relationship between Obama Conspiracy Theories and the Wikimedia foundation?

There is none. I just think the Wikipedia is cool, and since I use them a lot, I added a donation link.

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