Media (February 2010)

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Don’t get the wrong impression. There seem to be more articles on Obama conspiracy theories than ever in February. I’m just not keeping up with them all.

Condescending Liberals, February 8, 2010, The Atlantic. Only a hard core of “birther” zealots still believes that President Obama is not an American citizen, but many more are perfectly happy to believe that Medicare is not a government program.

Orly Taitz in Love?, February 18, 2010, Orange County Weekly. “Isn’t it true that you had relations, sexual relations, in your dental office with [Lincoln] on Nov. 3, 2009?” Berg asked Taitz at one point. Taitz didn’t answer; Snow–”for neither the first nor the last time–”told Berg the question wasn’t relevant.

A Birther takes the stage at CPAC, February 19, 2010, Media Matters for America. [Laurie Roth wrote] Already we see evidence in this administration of media tampering, intimidating and even threatening if certain subjects are covered such as the President’s eligibility which millions of Americans want to know about.

Kooks: The wild bunch, February 19, 2010. Charleston (WV) Gazette. The lily-white Tea Party movement seems laced with unspoken racial prejudice against America’s first black president, the Times noted. Barack Obama is endlessly depicted as “not one of us” and even as an African witch doctor. He’s called an agent of the New World Order, covertly bringing “socialist tyranny” to America through plots such as universal health care.

Tea party hurt by its fringe, February 21, 2010, Sacramento Bee. Birther theories received prominent play at the recent Nashville gathering of tea partiers, further cementing the movement to tinfoil-hat wearers.

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