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Dismissal of Obama birthplace lawsuit argued, October 5, 2009, Orange County Register. The three-hour hearing included allegations – but not evidence – that Obama was actually born in Kenya, that he has used 39 Social Security numbers, and that Congress is too corrupt to properly address the legitimacy of the presidency.

Attorney Orly Taitz submits exhibit supporting motion to recuse Judge Land because of purported influence by Attorney General Eric Holder. October 5, 2009, Columbus Ledger-Enquirer. “Red flags went up immediately in my mind and the questions remain, as yet,” the affidavit states. “Why does the attorney general of the United States need to be present in an obscure hearing well off his beaten path?

Tales Of Suicide And Tyranny From Orly Taitz In Santa Ana, October 5, 2009, Orange County Weekly. Laguna Niguel dentist/lawyer Orly Taitz, along with her co-counsel/nemesis Gary Kreep, spent a couple hours this morning in the Santa Ana Ronald Reagan Federal Building and Courthouse arguing why Judge David O. Carter shouldn’t throw their case against Barack Obama out of court.

Burden of Proof, October 5, 2009, The Washington Post. Taitz is a serious player in the apparently unsinkable birther movement, or, as its proponents prefer to call it, the movement to question Obama’s “eligibility” to hold office. She herself objects to the term “birther,” arguing in a court document that it is “pejorative.”

The Continuing Ballad of Orly Taitz, October 6, 2009, The Washington Independent. The good news for Taitz? The Washington Post gave her a lengthy profile in the paper’s Style section, and it’s possibly the least critical thing ever written about this severely disturbed person who’s encouraging the military to rebel against the elected president of the United States.

Birth of a notion, October 2009, The Scientific American. A black president, however, causes great cognitive dissonance in some. But members of the “birther” movement have found a clever solution: Obama isn’t really president! Because he wasn’t really born in the USA!

Why won’t this woman go away?, October 8, 2009, The Columbus Ledger-Enquirer. It’s … time for responsible voices of the loyal opposition to publicly disavow Orly Taitz, her obnoxious harassment of the court system and everything that effort stands for.

Joseph Farah’s Birther Factory, October 13, 2009, The Huffington Post. In 1996, Columbia Journalism Review published an article called “The Vincent Foster Factory,” detailing the role played by Joseph Farah, then head of the Western Journalism Center, in promoting conspiracy theories surrounding the death of Clinton White House counsel Vince Foster.

Columbus attorneys disapprove of Orly Taitz’s actions, October 13, 2009, The Columbus Ledger-Enquirer Columbus attorney William Mason has seen “birther” lawyer Orly Taitz on television and read about her in the newspaper. He’s quick with a description of the California lawyer: “She’s nuts,” Mason said. “Based on what I saw and read, she’s nuts.”

Attorney Orly Taitz sanctioned $20,000 by U.S. District Court Judge Clay Land, October 13, 2009, The Columbus Ledger-Enquirer. Land gave Taitz 30 days from today to pay, adding that if she fails to, the U.S. Attorney “will be authorized to commence collection proceedings.”

Judge Land’s hard on Orly Taitz, Esq. It’ll cost her $20,000, October 13, 2009, The Atlanta Journal Constitution. My only quibble with the good judge is his use of the phrase “borders on delusional.” This is the full Monty of delusion, and I suppose the poor, deluded fools who support this woman will rush to defray her fine.

Birther leader Orly Taitz slapped with $20,000 fine, October 13, 2009, The Washington Examiner. In addition to poisoning the public airwaves with the worst television interview of all time, Taitz and her kookery can also be blamed for ruining the careers of two soldiers whose naivete got the better of them.

Taitz Interview with Judy Behar (Video), October 13, 2009, HLN. “there was a corrupt judge”.

Federal Judge Sanctions ‘Birther’ Lawyer for ‘Frivolous’ Suit, October 14, 2009, Fulton County Daily Report. Dubbing Taitz’s allegation “a phantom visit with the attorney general,” Land wrote, “To use this ‘evidence’ in support of a false and misleading accusation that a judge had an ex parte conversation with someone whom the judge has never spoken to or even met is additional proof of a pattern of frivolous and outrageous conduct on the part of Ms. Taitz.”

‘Birthers’ Lose Again as Federal Judge Nixes Challenge to Obama Presidency, October 22, 2009, New Jersey Law Journal. Even if they could show an injury in fact, the plaintiffs’ claim raised the kind of abstract issue the U.S. Supreme Court has viewed as a legislative question, Simandle said, adding, “The Court acknowledges plaintiffs’ frustration with what they perceive as Congress’ inaction in this area, but their remedy may be found through their vote.”

Orly Taitz appeals judge’s $20,000 sanction, October 22, 2009, Columbus Ledger-Enquirer. Calling remarks made by U.S. District Court Judge Clay Land “nothing short of a political lynching,” California attorney Orly Taitz has appealed a $20,000 fine imposed by the judge for her actions in his court.

Orly Taitz: natural-born litigator, October 23, 2009, OC Register. Critics say that Taitz revels in these ambiguous margins – in the shadows of a doubt – and uses them as the foundation of her arguments.

Orly Taitz goes to war against Bill O’Reilly, October 29, 2009, On her Web site, Taitz explained, “Keep in mind, what OReilly did, is more dangerous, more harmful then what some idiots like Rachel Maddow or Keith Obertmann (sic) did, since people believe O’Reilly to be fair and balanced.”

Birther Orly Taitz’s Lawsuit Dismissed, October 29, 2009, CBS News. “Plaintiffs have attacked the judiciary, including every prior court that has dismissed their claim, as unpatriotic and even treasonous for refusing to grant their requests and for adhering to the terms of the Constitution which set forth its jurisdiction,”

Orly Taitz Lawsuit Thrown Out By California Judge, October 29, 2009, Huffington Post. Judge Carter wrote in his decision that the plantiffs were asking the Court “to effectively overthrow a sitting president who was popularly elected by We the People‚ sixty-nine million of the people.”

Judge tosses Obama `Birthers’ lawsuit, October 29, 2009, Contra Costa Times. U.S. District Court Judge David O. Carter ruled that the courts are not the proper place to challenge a president’s election. Another federal judge in Georgia recently made a similar ruling.

Judge rips “improper and unethical” conduct of lawyer Taitz, October 29, 2009, The Smoking Gun (Turner). Along with bouncing the lawsuit, U.S. District Court Judge David Carter eviscerated the controversial lawyer representing the “birthers” who sued Obama. In a 30-page order filed today, Carter stated that he was “deeply concerned” that attorney Orly Taitz “may have suborned perjury through witnesses she intended to bring before this court.”

‘Birthers’ lawsuit challenging Obama’s election is dismissed. October 29, 2009, The Los Angeles Times. The “birthers” lose, again.

Judge tosses Obama birthplace lawsuit, October 29, 2009.Fox News Los Angeles. …the country would be “crippled” if a lone judge could undo an election, West argued, and Judge Carter agreed.

O.C. lawsuit challenging Obama birthplace dismissed, October 29, 2009, OC Register, Carter … sharply criticized the conduct of attorney Taitz, calling her actions unethical and possibly illegal….“Clearly there was pressure on Judge Carter,” said Taitz, who made a similar claim about a federal judge in Georgia, Clay Land, after he threw out a similar Taitz suit on Sept. 16.

Orly Taitz Smacked Down: Birther Lawsuit Dismissed, October 29, 2009, The Washington Independent. … the ruling is limned with criticism of Taitz for the screwball, media-grabbing tactics she used to promote her doomed, frivolous lawsuit.

Judge Dismisses Birther’s Lawsuit; Mo. Reps. Cynthia Davis, Timothy Jones Lose Decision
, October 29, 2009, Riverfront Times (St. Louis). A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit brought on by some 40 “birther” conspiracy-theorist (including two Missouri state representatives) who believe Barack Obama was born overseas and therefore should be ineligible to serve as president of the U.S.