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WorldNetDaily Can’t Stop Whitewashing Orly Taitz, November 1, 2009, Huffington Post. In short: If Taitz goes down, so does WorldNetDaily. That’s what Farah and Co. are afraid of. Why else would they lie by omission to their own readers?

Where’s Orly Taitz on this one?, November 3, 2009, The Guardian. And nah, there’s no racial element in the opposition to Obama. How dare you even think it, you reverse-racist, bolshevistic lackey.

Nathan Deal says he’ll ask for Barack Obama’s birth certificate, November 5, 2009, The Atlanta Journal Constitution. In a subsequent Twitter message, Deal declared his online chat to be a “huge success.” And attempting to sweep up the birthers may not hurt him in a Republican primary. But it doesn’t polish Deal’s credentials as a general election candidate.

Birther Site Is Already Lying About Ft. Hood Shooter and Obama, November 6, 2009, The Washington Independent. Conspiracy-theorist Website WorldNetDaily posts the inevitable “connection” between Fort Hood shooter Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan and President Obama, and it possesses the same level of rigor and responsibility we’ve come to expect from the leading source of disinformation that the president wasn’t born an American.

Orly Taitz: If the Military Was Smarter, It Could Have Prevented Fort Hood, November 10, 2009, The Washington Independent. It’s the usual Taitzian ramble of made-up facts and cries for revenge –” Taitz calls herself “the only attorney brave enough to bring most of eligibility legal actions, to bring actions from plaintiffs with real standing, the only one to get any hearings.”

Pat Robertson: Islam isn’t a religion; treat Muslims like fascists, November 10, 2009, The Raw Story. Conservative commentators are ratcheting up anti-Muslim rhetoric in the wake of last week’s Fort Hood massacre, with televangelist Pat Robertson leading the way with a declaration that Islam is “not a religion,” but a “political system” bent on destroying all the world’s governments.

Lawyer blasts judge for tossing Obama citizenship question, November 10, 2009, Legal Newsline. “This order is particularly used as a tool in what seems to be a concerted effort by this court and Judge Clay D. Land … to use the power of federal judiciary to publicly lynch the undersigned counsel,” she wrote.

Birther lawyer denies perjury scheme, November 11, 2009, UPI. She denies the accusations and told the Register she thinks they filed the affidavits in response to pressure put on them by unknown individuals.

Disgraced U. S. Marine Traitor John Murtha Finds Compatriot in Judge Carter, November 11, 2009, Canada Free Press. …Judge Carter…, lowering himself to Congressman Murtha’s level and making an incompetent and ill-qualified former military man who strangely got elected as our President, also named Carter, look like a brother.

UPDATED: So, what really happened to Lou Dobbs?, November 12, 2009, Media Matters. “For too long, CNN provided Lou Dobbs with its stamp of approval as he pursued a dangerous, one-sided and all too often false conspiracy tinged crusade against immigrants,” said Eric Burns, president of Media Matters.

Birther attorney Orly Taitz: ‘I have no intention of paying’ $20,000 sanction, November 12, 2009, Columbus Ledger-Enquirer. “He imposed those sanctions to silence me,” Taitz said. “If judges start punishing attorneys, then we end up in a totalitarian regime. This can’t go on.”

Indiana appeals court upholds axing of Obama suit, November 12, 2009, Indianapolis Star. The decision, authored by Judge Elaine B. Brown, also weighed in on the debate over the citizenship status requirement: “We conclude that persons born within the borders of the United States are ‘natural born Citizens’ for (constitutional) purposes, regardless of the citizenship of their parents.”

Rare Non-Orly Taitz Birther Smackdown, November 12, 2009, The Washington Independent. The Court of Appeals for the Third District has affirmed the dismissal of Philip J. Berg, Esquire v. Barack Hussein Obama, et al., and the decision does not spare Berg for piling weird rumors and allegations into his arguments.

A Radioactive Third Rail Article, November 21, 2009, The Canada Free Press. We know that he traveled to Pakistan…a trip not possible on a US passport at the time, as Pakistan was off-limits to US travelers on a US passport.

Lou Dobbs, real newsman, November 13, 2009, WorldNetDaily. When virtually his entire profession and elites in all the other political and cultural institutions of our time were making excuses for Barack Obama’s unwillingness to prove his constitutional eligibility to serve in the White House by simply showing the American people his long-form birth certificate, Lou Dobbs was alone in asking why.

Infighting escalates among Obama birthplace doubters, November 13, 2009, The Orange County Register. Taitz categorically and specifically denied Smith’s allegations. However, she apparently still believes Smith when it comes to the Kenyan birth certificate.

Nathan Deal calls on Obama to produce birth certificate proving he’s eligible for presidency, November 18, 2009, Savannah Morning News. “It takes up my staff’s time. We are constantly required to answer these kinds of inquiries. … I’m willing to take his word for it, but I think he needs to convince those who still have doubts.”

From Simple Noun to Handy Partisan Put-Down, November 18, 2009, The New York Times. Birther seems to have been coined about a year ago, separately, by the conservative bloggers Ed Morrissey and Steve Gilbert. Last December, in dismissing the birth-certificate argument as a “canard,” Gilbert wrote, “The ‘birthers’ are the new ‘truthers.’ ”

Former British policeman backs Barack Obama ‘birthers’ conspiracy theory
, November 23, 2009, The Telegraph. Neil Sankey, who has almost 20 years experience serving in Special Branch and the Bomb Squad, is now devoting his energies to proving that Mr Obama is not a natural born US citizen.

We need a more candid conversation about race
, November 26, 2009, The Houston Chronicle. In some cases, the nuances as to what’s racist or what isn’t draw distinctions without much of a significant difference. Take, for example, the anti-Obama billboard that auto dealer Phil Wolf erected recently in Wheat Ridge, Colo. In big letters it says, “BIRTH CERTIFICATE” and “PROVE IT,”

Does this mean everybody gets a new Santa Barbara? November 27, 2009, The Norman Transcript. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s attorney said Monday the sheik plans to use his trial to give his view of U.S. foreign policy. He’s going to sit there and argue that the U.S. should bring its troops home from Muslim countries. Only the natural-born citizen clause in the Constitution prevents the sheik from leading the polls in New Hampshire. [nothing else in the article related]