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Like every web site, Obama Conspiracy Theories collects certain information about its visitors.

Information we collect

Web server access logs

When you access any page at Obama Conspiracy Theories, or even link to an image hosted on the site, a log entry is made containing basic information about the access, specifically:

  • The URL of the resource referenced
  • Your IP address
  • The date and time
  • The type of browser used
  • The operating system version
  • Your browser’s language setting

WordPress user accounts

If you create a user account at Obama Conspiracy Theories, the information you enter into the user creation form is retained.

WordPress comments

If you leave a comment, the content of the comment, your commenter name, your IP address and your email address (if you enter one) are recorded. See also “WordPress cookies” following.

Contact form

If you fill out a contact form, the information you provide there, along with your IP address is collected. I may use your email address (if provided by you) to reply to your comment or question. I may also publish your comment anonymously if I think it would be interesting to others.


When you vote in one of the site’s reader polls, your vote and IP address are recorded. If you have commented on the site, the poll software will attempt to label your vote with your user name in the poll logs. Poll logs are kept confidential.

WordPress cookies

This site uses cookies in order to maintain sessions for logged in users. The user cookie contains your user name and a hashed password. Cookies are also stored for commenters as a convenience so that they won’t have to repeatedly enter their information. See the WordPress Codex for further details.

Google Analytics

Each page at Obama Conspiracy Theories contains tracking code for Google Analytics. This tool provides statistical information about what pages are visited, how long users stay on a pages and countries of origin (from IP address). Please refer to “How Google uses data when you use our partner’s sites or apps” for specific privacy information related to Google Analytics. This site does not implement Google AdSense or other advertising tracking.

How your information is used

The information collected by the site may be used in the following ways:

  • Statistical information may be used to inform site editorial content, features and guide the frequency of publication.
  • IP addresses may be used to determine if a commenter is telling the truth about where they are. While IP addresses themselves will not be published on the blog, very general information about their location may be (such as a large city, state or country).
  • Statistical information as to numbers of visitors is published on the Site Statistics page.
  • Comments, URLs and user names are displayed on the blog as filled out by commenters.
  • User account information is used to identify spammers.
  • Commenter names, email addresses and IP addresses are used to assist in banning and moderating individual users.
  • User email account information, if provided and valid, may be used by the site owner to contact a commenter.
  • User email information and IP address will not be published, but will be provided in response to a valid subpoena or warrant. In rare circumstances they may be communicated to third parties for research purposes.
  • When you vote in a reader poll, your vote is counted and published as part of the total responses. Individuals voter identification is not published.

Last updated, 11-May-2014.