Quote of the day – Volume 19

Quotes of the day are intended to represent what is being said by people on both sides of the birther question. They do not necessarily represent the views of this web site.

You heard it here first because I said it. Anyone that thinks they can be born in another country and be eligible for the Presidency is a Communist and attempting to over-throw America. How many years are we going to allow this to continue? — Falcon — Comment at Birther Report (2015)

It wouldn’t surprise me if A/Z have clued in some major players in the media like Megyn Kelly. They need to get the public used to the truth bit by bit since a sudden reveal would appear too outlandish to the average viewer. A/Z had mentioned their connections to major media outlets earlier on. I think we’re beginning to see the fruits of a well paced strategy. — charles_w — comment at Birther Report

In response to a news report that Barack Obama will be visiting Phoenix this week: I have visions of Commandante Zullo wheeling up in his Crown Vic with a Citizen’s Grand Jury Indictment in hand and a brand spanking pair of new handcuffs. — Name withheld

I think Dr. Con’s travels to Russia are not for mere sight seeing, rather I believe he most likely applied for citizenship and intends to move. — William Richardson — Comment at Birther Report (2015)

A local car dealer that I bought three cars from blocked me this week for ‘suspicious activity on my computer’. I have no idea what kind of spyware has been planted on my laptops. I’m sure it’s labeled ‘get this bastard no matter what’ in the programming. — Falcon — Comment at Birther Report (2015)

[I] will never stop until I am put away for good. I hate you so much that I will travel to Arizona to chop off your b**ls with a meat cleaver and turn you into a woman. — Canadian teenager — Threat emailed to Joe Arpaio (KPHO)

It’s in the almost identical situation Cruz is in and Obama was in. Both born outside of the USA ( like John McCain ) and both to a father that was not an American. — RichardinJax — Comment at Talking Points Memo

I find it particularly pathetic when someone without a clue has the audacity to call someone else a liar, but it goes to the intellectual bankruptcy of all of birtherism, a movement founded on lies, rumors, and the celebration of ignorance. — Dr. Conspiracy — Comment on YouTube (2015)

Timing is everything. — Philip Berg — ObamaScare (2015)

Anyone seen Captain Cornhole? — Barry Soetoro, ESQ — Comment at Birther Report (3/29/2015)

“[v]ital facts . . . may not be established by piling inference upon inference. Some suspicion linked to other suspicion produces only more suspicion, which is not the same as some evidence.” Davis-Lynch, Inc., 667 F.3d at 553 (internal quotations omitted). — Cited by Judge Wingate, dismissing Taitz v. Democrat Party

I think his trip back to Kenya is going to create a lot of chatter and commentary amongst some of the hard right, who still don’t see him as having been born in the U.S. — John Sununu (2015) — Fox News

Obama committed SABOTAGE & ESPIONAGE against Israel & Democrats bitched over Bibi’s talk?
— Ron Polland
— Twitter

Arpaio was stupid not to retire before his constituency died off.

— Comment at KPHO in Phoenix

Wow! After hearing that broadcast I’m convinced that Zullo and Gallups are the men who can get The Usurper frogmarched out of our White House. I’m considering mortgaging my home and sending the proceeds to the Cold Case Posse members. It’s that important to me. Because I love the United States of America I’m willing to make this little sacrifice. Yes, I understand it might take some time and I’ll be patient. This isn’t something you can rush. It could be days, weeks . . . It has to be done very, very carefully.

I support the Cold Case Posse. I support the wishes of our Founding Fathers. I support America. Are you with me?

— “Fitz” Fitpatrick
— Comment at ObamaReleaseYourRecords (2013)

Birtherism is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside a cow flop.

— Dr. Conspiracy (2015)

Ultimately, either Congress or the Courts will have to direct BHO to demonstrate qualifications…. Face it, we know, as does BHO, that he was born in Kenya.

…The TRUTH will prevail in the end!

— Bill G
— Comment at Citizen WElls blog (2008)

Will someone go grab that [expletive deleted] by those monkey ears, sit his phoney ass down and get some questions answered. Then arrest him. After that get started cleaning up all the [expletive deleted] heads that contributed to this cluster [expletive deleted].

— patriot carpenter
— Comment at Birther Report (2015)

Cruz is lecturing the Naturals while the prick doesn’t have a phucking green card.

— Comment at Birther Report (2015)

No, *I* have not quit working towards ousting the usurper instead of waiting for Godot, uh, Zullo to do it for me.

— Logical Patriot
— Comment at Birther Report (2015)

Bin Laden is dead. Any theories on how his long-form corpse has been photoshopped?

— Don
Comment at Patriot Update (2011)

Arpaio’s unwinding is a metaphor for the bias, cons and technical ineptitude of the entire birther movement. You are little Arpaios.

— Dr. Conspiracy
— Comment at Birther Report (2015)

Conclusion: Listening to Freedom Friday for information about Sheriff Arpaio’s investigation into Obama’s past is a complete waste of time. Just wait for Birther Report to post the highlights if you are only interested in the A&Z investigation. That’s what I do.

— TonyUnplugged
— Comment at Birther Report (2015)

Don’t confuse probative, sealed evidence with publicly available information. A&Z are wise enough to know to always hold a few aces up their sleeves and Reed Hayes report is likely one of them.

— BornTexas
— Comment at Birther Report

If Sheriff Joe goes down, we all go down with him.

— Tom Morrissey
— Past chairman of the Arizona Republican Party

Viva hate.

— Ted_Underhill
— Comment at Birther Report

#Birther logic
Romney: Mexico= American!
McCain: Panama= American!
Cruz: Canada= American!
Obama: Hawaii= Indonesian/Kenyan/Muslim

— Bryan Dawson
— Twitter

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