Quote of the day – Volume 21

Quotes of the day are intended to represent what is being said by people on both sides of the birther question. They do not necessarily represent the views of this web site.

Arrest and Prosecute false “Dr Cospiracy” NOW.
WTP demand it!

— drdebdrdeb
— Comment at Birther Report, Oct. 18, 2015

Go tell the Sheriff coward. You’re REDUNDANT. If you had anything at all you wouldn’t be posting on Birther Report under an alias. No one in their right mind will take you seriously. Idiot.

— Guest
— Comment at Birther Report

As someone who has performed brain surgery thousands of times, I can assure you that the Constitution isn’t brain surgery.

— Ben Carson, MD
— Presidential Candidate

But first, after finally coming to terms with the natural born citizen issue the 2010 census must be ordered redone immediately by court reconstituted census bureau or perhaps the US military directly again under direct control of a multi-circuit court appointed special master.

— systemictreason
— Comment at BirtherReport

With Jade Helm rapidly approaching, I pray we are running out of time.

— boomerbabe (Dr. Deb)
— Comment at Birther Report

Due to misinformation propagated by birthers, many incorrectly assume one has to be born in a U.S. state or territory of two citizen parents to be a natural born citizen, but the term “natural born citizen” refers to citizenship at birth rather than through naturalization.

— Bob Quasius (2009)
— Founder and president of Cafe Con Leche Republicans

I have a focused message that will lend itself well to changing the direction of the deabte (sic) concerning Barack Obama’s lack of eligibility.

Mr. Trump, I will change the dynamics of the debate with the right amount of money behind the message… If you are serious about the BC and if you are serious about making sure Back (sic) Obama definitely does not win re-election… Then you will be serious about contacting me.

— Robert Buckwald
— Comments on Donald Trump’s Facebook page (2012)

I feel like I’m in limbo. I’ve basically been abandoned.

— Mike Zullo
— Status Conference in Melendres v. Arpaio, 11/3/2015

BR: Why on God’s Green Earth do you allow PROVEN #OBOTS to INFECT & TRASH this website with their BS??!! We know who they are and they need to be ABOLISHED!! ASAP!! Thank you in advance for this PURGE!

— Saska
— Comment at Birther Report (11/8/2015)

If by some chance you escape – watch out, someone who wants to clean up your mess is waiting with an ice-pick.

— Comment to Dr. Conspiracy at Birther Report (11/11/2015)

Judge Snow is establishing a narrative that Sheriff Arpaio and Mike Zullo were investigating him via their source in Seattle. A U.S. Attorney is closely watching these recent hearings to determine if the U.S. Government wants to file a criminal complaint against Arpaio and Zullo. Even if the U.S. Attorney lacks evidence to win a criminal complaint in court, they may file a complaint just to keep Arpaio and Zullo quiet until Obama is out of office. This is how a politicized judicial system works.

— TonyUnplugged
— Comment at Birther Report

There is NO “President Obama” but there are traitors in Congress, the courts, and the White House

— Robert Laity (2010)
— Title of article at the Post & Email

I don’t get paid. I don’t make any money doing this. I did it because this is my community.

— Mike Zullo
— Testimony on the Seattle Operation, November 12, 2015
Melendres v. Arpaio

Bofore 9:11 there was the 1993 truck bombing and the Muslims cheering in Jersey City and Union City. I lived in Jersey City.

— systemictreason
— Comment at Birther Report (11/25/2015)

As my late mother said about people of dubious origins, “A buzzard laid him on a tree stump”. This does explain Obama, be the buzzard be in Kenya or Hawaii

— BigEdLB
— Comment at Free Republic (May, 2015)

White House lawyer John Dean said that a cancer was growing on then President Richard Nixon…..that being Watergate, hush money, cover-up, lies, etc. [March, 1973]

A cancer is growing on BHO. That cancer is ID fraud and it will shadow BHO eternally. Because of that, his legacy is ultimately devastated.

— Comment at Birther Report (2015)

Anybody who thinks I could get away with telling Michelle I’m going to be president any longer than eight years does not know my wife.

— Barack Obama
Interview with Bill Simmons

In the past 48 hours I’ve heard from dozens of friends and associates telling me they fear we have a Muslim in the White House. They are panicked. They are frightened. They are in shock (many for the first time) about the danger our country is in.

— Wayne Root (Nov. 26, 2015)

There are two classes of citizens; native born, and naturalized. Persons born in the United States and children born of American parents while abroad are native born. Naturalized citizens are aliens who through the process of naturalization have attained citizenship.

— Citizenship: A Manual for Voters
— Emma Guy Cromwell (1920)

Well, this is Trump’s trump card. It is his ethnic taunt to the worst of the Obama haters. It is his willingness to argue that the President isn’t really one of us. That he is on the contrary a mysterious interloper who snuck into our country, assumed an identity that wasn’t his, and smuggled himself all the way to the American presidency never once being the person he claims to be. Well this is the original Trump sin back again. This is the trumped up libel that our front running candidate is willing to sell whenever he finds an audience as he did today willing to swallow it only because they hate Obama personally, hate his progressive politics, hate most of all his open tolerant world view. I have from the beginning seen Trump as a mixed bag. But this birtherism which he exhumed today is the bad he carries with him, refuses to dump, and is so willing to sell.

— Chris Matthews

Today I rec’d a letter from a Congressman. He stated that BHO is currently under a massive investigation on several levels by both houses of Congress and the FBI. He states that Congress is fully aware of BHO’s “high crimes. etc.” and that this will lead to his Impeachment hearings. He stated that they have all the proof they need to move on this. People can be understandably skeptical but that is exactly what he said in the letter dated July 8.

— Tangent 01
— Comment at Birther Report (July 2014)

Most legal experts contend a “natural born citizen” means someone is a citizen from birth and doesn’t have to go through a naturalization process to become a citizen. Cruz has said he never went through that process.

— John Greenberg

I’m still working on the birth certificate

— Sheriff Joe Arpaio
Interview by Alan Colmes, December 9, 2015

In a poll conducted by Gallup last year [2014], the most admired male politician among Republican voters was … Barack Obama, who was chosen by 8 percent of Republicans.

— Nate Silver
— FiveThirtyEight.com

I don’t think that Cruz is a NBC, but I’m about ready to let this one go… so I think I could vote for Trump/Cruz

— pvsys
— Comment at Birther Report

One of the reasons I am a confidante of the sheriff and Mike is that anything told me in confidence stays that way. I can tell you that there WILL be a presser. At this point they are very close to having what they need for the presser. Whether the press here will carry it is anyone’s guess, right? Common sense should tell anyone that the breadth and scope of the fraud can only be CIA and who is the muzzle head of the CIA? Bingo! We’re screwed but were not dead yet.

— birtherprincess (presumably Miki Booth)
— Comment at Birther Report (December 21, 2015)

For those wondering about Martial Law – that happened in 2009 when this dictator was illegal sworn in and the CIA, DIA, DARPA and NSA took control of a Democratically founded government.

— Comment at Birther Report

@TuckFrump2016 @HuffingtonPost @realDonaldTrump The 12th and 25th Amendments say a #birther can’t be president. It’s a disability.

— Dr. Conspiracy
— Twitter