Smilies, emoticons and useful symbols

Here are some superscripts: ¹ ² ³
Other symbols: ° § © ½ ™

Even more special symbols.

Following are the emoticons (aka “smilies”) supported by this blog. Smilies only work if there are spaces before and after.

icon text text full text icon full text
smile ­:) ­:-) ­:smile: lol ­:lol:
biggrin ­:D ­:-D ­:grin: redface ­:oops:
sad ­:( ­:-( ­:sad: cry ­:cry:
surprised ­:o ­:-o ­:eek: evil ­:evil:
eek ­8O ­8-O ­:shock: twisted ­:twisted:
confused ­:? ­:-? ­:???: rolleyes ­:roll:
cool ­8) ­8-) ­:cool: exclaim ­:!:
mad ­:x ­:-x ­:mad: question ­:?:
razz ­:P ­:-P ­:razz: idea ­:idea:
neutral ­:| ­:-| ­:neutral: arrow ­:arrow:
wink ­;) ­;-) ­:wink: mrgreen ­:mrgreen:

A comprehensive list of special symbols and codes to enter them can be found on the HTML Codes – Characters and Symbols page. It helps to memorize a few, like § for §.

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