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Archive | April, 2009

Orly threatens public health

In an email message sent to Obama Conspiracy Theories, Orly Taitz has done, in my mind, the most dangerous and monumentally irresponsible thing so far, trying to tangle up the national response to the swine flu threat in her obsessive fantasies about President Obama. She concluded her letter:

I think we should not be taking those shots [swine flu immunizations], we should not allow our children to be immunized with those shots, there has to be a serious criminal investigation by the military into the epidemiology of those cases at the 29th Palms Marine base, which is also a known FEMA camp.

She cites what is generally considered an overreaction to the swine flu threat in 1976 (where I was a clinic manager in one of the mass immunization clinics, and Orly was still in the Soviet Union). The public health community takes into account the 1976 experience when formulating its recommendations. If the professionals of the CDC recommend vaccinations, then you can be assured that these recommendations are the best that anybody has. Parents would be playing with their childrens’ lives by taking the premature, inexpert, politically motivated recommendations of a raving lunatic dentist instead of the real professionals who make the study of epidemiology and the risks and benefits of vaccination their life’s work.

For responsible and professional information about Swine Flu, please see the new Influenza information link here.


Herbert v. Obama article withdrawn

My article on Herbert v. Obama has been (at least temporarily) withdrawn. It’s fine to poke fun at publicity hounds like Phil, Andy, Marion and Orly, but Susan Herbert is not a lawyer and as far as I know, she’s not seeking publicity (nor PayPal donations). The case was dismissed and court papers are on the Docket (link up top).

Comments made to that article, including those of Susan Herbert, are archived along with the article.

In an email contact Ms. Herbert informs me that she is appealing the decision to the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals. I’ll add this to the docket after it appears on the court system web site.

Chester A. Arthur: Rest In Peace

Chester Arthur

Chester Arthur

President Chester A. Arthur was born, like President Barack H. Obama in one of the United States of American to an American mother and a father who was a British citizen. One might wonder, if there is this historical precedent, why anyone today would raise a claim that Barack Obama was less a natural born citizen than his predecessor Chester A. Arthur.

Out of necessity, a fiction was created, one which says Chester A. Arthur hid the naturalization status of his father, because he knew he was ineligible. It is true that Arthur lied about his age (making himself a year younger than what was in the Family Bible) and he got some other dates wrong from the history of his family before he was born (Arthur was estranged from his father). But he never gave any lie that hid his father’s naturalization status.

A 19th century political operative, bent on bringing down Arthur went about trying to prove Arthur was really born in Canada. Indeed, the operative, a lawyer named A. P. Hinman began before the election and continued his investigation until he published a book, four years later, titled How a British Subject became President of the United States. Today the claims of a Canadian birth for Arthur are dismissed by Arthur biographers. However, in a remarkable irony, A. P. Hinman’s little book leaves us proof that Arthur’s birth to an Irish citizen was well known at the time! Continue Reading →


Obama Fringe Wiki

A new wiki has been set up to allow collaborative contribution and organization of information relative to fringe ideas about Barack Obama.

The Wiki is (not www!)

If you would like to contribute to the Wiki yourself, you must be an established member at or have a verified account here.

Go to the Wiki and follow the Create Account link (upper right) to create an account. After that PM me at Politijab or post a comment to this article while you are logged in here containing your account name.

Unless you want to contribute, don’t bother visiting the Wiki for a while, because as of now, there is nothing there.


Orly uses Photoshopped Image to mislead

Orly Taitz, displaying her usual disregard for relevance, facts and evidence, published an article, Financial Aid to Soetoro from state of CA, on her blog alluding to the bogus claim that President Obama attended Occidental College under the name “Barry Soetoro” as a foreign student. Why would Orly suggest that this record be forwarded to the FBI, et al.? Of course, Orly thinks everybody in the world named Obama or Soetoro is really Barack Obama, with multiple identities, residences, jobs and Social Security numbers. Do you see the words “financial aid” on her web site image?

Orly presents the following Photoshopped image to fool her readers (who haven’t already seen through the ruse)  into accepting such a possibility:

Click for larger version

Altered image - click to enlarge

However, the unaltered image below shows that not only is the student not named “Barry” and there was no financial aid involved, it also shows that the student was in high school, not college and the legislative report was from  1963 when Barack Obama was just 2 years old! It leaves however, the word “University” lower left to complete the fooling. Amazing that Obama went to high school when he was just two years old under the name “Soetoro” years before his mother married Lolo Soetoro.

Uncropped image - click to enlarge

Uncropped image - click to enlarge