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Can President be Arrestedor?

Interesting question raised by Orly Taitz on her blog today, in the article:

Can President Be Arrestedor [sic] Don’t let America Turn into another Sodom and Gomorrah

Let’s hope some kind soul tells her about the typo. And someone tell her that the definite article “the” is required before “President” in this construct (they don’t have definite articles in Russian).

The more interesting point is Orly’s suggestion that it only takes one brave law enforcement officer, who buys her view of the world, to arrest the President. She says:

Power of arrest of US citizens, including the president (he is not above the law) is in the hands of each and every branch of law enforcement: police, military police, FBI, Secret Service, Sheriff, Marshals and so on.

As I have said, Obama needs to win each and every battle; we need to win only once. We need one decent person in this country, who will review the evidence and will issue a subpoena for production of all of his vital records. If he doesn’t comply and doesn’t release those records, he is in contempt of court and can be arrested and tried by any law enforcement.

Orly, having ample experience with defeats in the court knows that it takes more than issuing a subpoena, as has been done already to no avail by Gary Kreep and Phil Berg.

Also glossed over is the matter of jurisdiction. Her buddy from Texas would have a hard time arresting Obama in Washington, DC. Indeed the whole concept of actually arresting a president raises many questions in an area where there are no precedents.


According to US Attorney General opinions, the President cannot be arrested.


Taitz eventually fixed her title so that it now says “arrested or.”


Obama’s entire life: PhotoShopped!

according to pseudonym-about-town “Ron Polarik” in a set of recent postings on Ron said:

I already examined that photo and all of the other class photos –” they are all faked.

Here on Obama Conspiracy Theories, we don’t PhotoShop images because I’m too cheap to buy a copy. Some of the images, however, are PhotoImpacted to crop or re-size them. But resizing is not “faking”, and “faked” is the word Ron Polarik (not her real name) used.

obamagroupphoto1 Continue Reading →


Department of State denies birther allegations

Hollister v. Soetoro

Strunk v. State

In a surprise move, the United States Departments of State and Homeland Security in an answer to FOIA lawsuit Strunk  v. U. S. Department of State denied essentially all of the birther allegations against President Obama’s eligibility! Here are excerpts from the  document filed in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia today:

To the extent this paragraph alleges that President Obama is not a natural-born citizen of the United States or is otherwise ineligible to serve as President of the United States, that allegation is denied.

To the extent this paragraph alleges that President Obama may be an illegal alien or that President Obama is or ever was a citizen of Indonesia, those allegations are denied.

To the extent this paragraph alleges that President Obama’s birth certificate has not been released to the public, that allegation is denied. To the extent this paragraph alleges that the birth certificate released to the public at the direction of President Obama is not a valid birth certificate or that such certificate is not sufficient proof of U.S. citizenship, those allegations are denied.

Specifically, Defendants deny that President Obama was born in Kenya or anywhere outside the state of Hawaii. Continue Reading →


Orly, Orly, now it’s the Joint Chiefs in your sights

Admiral Mullen

Admiral Mullen

In a press release provided by Orly Taitz to Obama Conspiracy Theories, she provided the text of a letter she has sent to Admiral Mallen [sic], Chairman of the Joint Chieffs [sic] of Staff. A slightly updated version appears on her web site.

On behalf of her 160 plaintiffs Orly has packaged up her 6 Dossiers,  her Quo Warranto complaint, the Steve Coffman Selective Service stuff, Sandra Lines’ declaration, the Jorje Baro “affidavit” from Mississippi, PI Neil Sankey (multiple social security number and address accumulator), Obama’s Indonesian school record, evidence that Barack and his wife have 130 jobs and evidence of a cyber space campaign of character assassination.  Whew!

Orly, in the text of her press release claims that under UCMJ, a soldier (here Scott Easterling)  has a right to get resolution for a grievance against his commanding officer, and the grievance is that Obama is not a natural born citizen for the usual litany of bogus reasons, (dual citizenship, Indonesian citizenship, name change to Barry Soetoro but not back).

She wrote:

Any foreign citizenship automatically eradicates a “natural born” status.

I guess she never read Perkins v. Elg where the Supreme Court declared Ms. Elg a “natural born citizen” of the United States even though she had dual citizenship and didn’t even grow up on the United States.


Complaint against Orly Taitz filed with Cal Bar

According to the Native and Natural Born Citizen Explored blog. An official complaint has been filed with the California Bar Association about the conduct of California Attorney, Orly Taitz. The complaint, obviously written by someone with legal training, is a scathing condemnation of her behavior compared to the California attorney standards and law.

Generally, I agree with the complaint. The author, whose identity is unknown to me, knows about this blog as one of the case files in the PDF version is hyperlinked to the library here.


Comment at American Grand Jury

Folks over at the American Grand Jury seem to take themselves very seriously. They are soliciting volunteers, from which 25 “jurors” will be selected. Deliberations will be done on a password-protected web site.

I left them the following comment, which is awaiting moderation:

What’s the difference between a jury and a lynch mob?

Juries are randomly selected; lynch mobs volunteer. Continue Reading →