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Archive | July, 2010

Emails from the dark side

Two emails today from the dark side. The first is one of those that has always baffled me, folks who think that I’m an anti-Obama activist:

Comments: Thank you for pursuing Obama.

The judge is violating their sworn oath to office in your case. The entire Congress is violating their sworn oath in this case. Your argument to the judge should include their sworn oath and how they are violating it. That violating in this case is an act of treason and at least purgery [sic].

The next is one of those fake “eye witness” accounts, folks with personal knowledge that President Obama ain’t legit. It came as if from the original writer [illiteracy included]:

I knew Obamas grandfather, mother, father in Hawaii. I Knew the grandfather first then later when the mother ,father, first came back from Africa with their new baby.  They had much trouble account could not get papers to bring into the US. So had Brit papers for their son. The hate for the US by all three was very great, The socialist grandfather was barred from any military base at the time knew him. To us in the Military at the time we knew him as Stanley the Queer.

The information I know about them and the black socialist they hung with would travel around Hawaii trying to stir up trouble with the locals there.

I know so much more about them and a meeting with Hawaii officials by them and some kind of payment at a private residence. I know much more!

I have tried for 4 years to get my wife a visa after getting approval 2 times from USCIS and 2 times have been refused by US department of State at US Consulate Guangzhou China. I had to furnish documents and tax forms for more then 6 years now and copies of my birth certificate 4 times. same for my wife and son in China. I have had to give them documents for me and my wife since we were born. I have had to let them see many private letters of me and my wife. I have had to furnish private things about my health. I am a disabled American Citizen and Veteran. I have been asked to pay bribes to get a visa, I refused.

This is discrimination, why do I have to furnish all this when Obama has to furnish nothing to be president? I gave all and was refused a visa for my Family.

Birther Utah Senate candidate “files” amicus brief on behalf of LTC Terry Lakin

Cody Robert Judy, Utah candidate for the US Senate, says that he has “filed” an amicus curiae brief in support of Lt. Col. Terry Lakin, an Army physician who refused to follow orders until somebody proved to him that Obama is eligible to be president. (This is the same Judy who was a co-defendant in the now-dismissed Barnett v Obama lawsuit.)

I put “filed” in quotation marks because it looks more like he just sent an email to Investigating Officer LTC Driscoll. According to military lawyer Philip D. Cave, CDR, JAGC, USN (Ret.), Judy’s document will not be accepted [featured hyperlink] for a number of reasons, including the fact that Judy is not an attorney (a requirement).

Cody Judy was also a witness at the Pastor Manning Blood of Jesus v Obama trial in Harlem:

Cody Robert Judy also recently testified in the CIA Columbia Obama Trial as an injured presidential candidate, who by being in the same Presidential race as Obama has standing, and who swore to tell the truth at the trial where a 10 Amendment Court was held, a Jury selected, Defendant’s were served and given the chance to defend themselves, 6 days of trial witnesses and evidence were produced, and the Jury rendered a guilty verdict on 17 accounts ranging from fraud to sedition on Barack Hussein Obama, Michael Sovern, and Columbia University….

The Frame Work of the CIA Columbia Obama Trial held in Harlem, NY May 14-19th 2010, brought a comprehensive and collection of evidence never before packaged in such a way at great cost and sacrifice and should be presented for Senate/House Congressional Trial to Judicial Committee by a coalition of presenters, and to this Military Court….

Judy amicus brief [bad grammar and Constitutional errors in the original]

That reads like something Orly Taitz could have written. Read on for Judy campaign video where he pledges to question Obama’s eligibility in the Senate. Continue Reading →

Third Circuit to Apuzzo: YOU WIN!

Apart from the sensationally misleading but technically accurate title to this article, the rest is straight and not intended to be sarcastic.

Certainly readers here have seen criticism from the bully pulpit of the Obama Conspiracy Theories blog of the filings in the Kerchner v Obama lawsuit, filings submitted under the signature of Mario Apuzzo, Esq. You have also seen criticism of articles on his blog, and of comments he made here.

Readers will also have seen criticism of Mr. Apuzzo personally, although I hope not by me. Comments have been made against his law practice (DWI lawyer) and his career in general (mediocre). I don’t hold with such ad hominem attacks both because they include biased reporting lacking proper citation, and further because they are irrelevant to the conspiracy theories which are the subject matter of this blog.

This brings me to the subject of this article, Mr. Apuzzo’s win. I have no idea how many if any DWI cases Apuzzo has defended, but he has also represented plaintiffs in immigration cases, one of which was the case of Guedes-Munoz v Atty Gen USA that was heard by the Third Circuit Court of Appeals. I can’t judge the complexity of the case, or the brilliance of Apuzzo’s filings, but it looks like he won.

Photoshopped again (new and improved)

WorldNetDaily beat me to the punch by about 5 months, but what the heck…

Have you seen the sign on the left floating around the Internet? This is apparently old news, but I have been running across the image lately on birther web sites.

Images courtesy of

Are the birthers making up stuff again? Perhaps not.

Consider the following detail from the sign, the words under Kenya:

Now, exchange the letters left to right:

That’s Arabic for “Hawaii.”

Photoshopped Punked again.

More tours to Obama birthplace

Obama Conspiracy Theories broke the story of a Kenyan tour guide company offering an Obama tour, including the “original home of the world’s most powerful President,” the village of Kogelo in Kenya. The Kenyan tour company’s web page also mentioned that President Obama was born in Hawaii at the Kapi’olani medical center. [This is the only Kenyan web site I know of that names the hospital where President Obama was born.]

Obama tourism isn’t limited to Kenya

Several companies are offering Obama tours as reported by WhyGo Hawaii. And yes, the tours include: the “Kapiolani Medical Center (place of Obama’s birth).”

However, in a place that is already a major tourist destination like Oahu, there has been a veritable onslaught of Obama based tourism.

There are now several different operators offering up tours of Obama’s Hawaii–”from the places he most recently stayed during his 11-day vacation to the islands in January to the ice cream shop he worked in as a teenager….

Michelle Obama was quoted saying, “You can’t really understand Barack until you understand Hawaii” and for those looking to better understand Hawaii and the President can check out these various Obama tours in Hawaii.

George Bush’s secret birthplace

Obama Conspiracy Theories conducted an informal poll a few weeks back, asking randomly selected people from my workplace where President George W. Bush was born. Most believed he was born in Texas, and over 80% got the answer wrong. Why is that?

It turns out that George W. Bush hushed up his real birthplace, as exposed in a 2002 article, Signs Say What Bush Won’t, in the New York Times. Oh my!

Says the Times:

Mr. Bush’s official White House biography, which can be found on the Web at, contains many facts about the president, among them the names of his pets, India, Spot and Barney. But in dealing with a rather basic fact, his birth, it leaves out that he was born in New Haven [Connecticut]. All it says is: ”President Bush was born July 6, 1946 and grew up in Midland and Houston, Texas.”

Bush’s dirty little secret: he’s a damn Yankee!