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Archive | June, 2011

Startling evidence that document was created in Adobe Photoshop

WorldNetDaily’s crack Adobe Expert says that Obama’s long-form birth certificate PDF file was created in Adobe Photoshop. Thanks to Mara Zebest, we now have proof of its origins.

Ms Zebest’s “final analysis” is itself a PDF document. Thanks to a suggestion from a commenter here named John, I opened Zebest’s PDF document with Microsoft Word 2007 and found proof that images in her file were indeed created in Adobe Photoshop. Here’s what I found:

Screen shot of Zebest "full analysis" PDF document.

And it was finished off  by Adobe InDesign:

Mara Zebest "full analysis" creator


So, thanks to Mara Zebest, we know what a PDF created by Adobe Photoshop looks like. Now all we need do is compare this to Obama’s White House PDF of the long form (can you stand the excitement?) and all will be revealed!

Creator segment from White House birth certificate PDF

There was narry a “photoshop” or an “InDesign” or even an “Adobe” in there, just this Mac OS X thingy. Now explain why none of those WorldNetDaily “experts” looked inside the document, instead of just saying they were sure, when they weren’t.

So I guess Obama’s long form PDF wasn’t created by Photoshop and now we have proof! Thanks Mara!

It’s like shooting fish in a barrel.
— Dr. Conspiracy


Rather than make a new article, I’ll include here the image that WorldNewDaily doesn’t want you to see. This is the internal information from the White House PDF as shown by Adobe Acrobat 9:

Obama White House long form PDF advanced properties

This underscores the fact that the PDF was not created by Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. Someone better acquainted with the Mac can comment, but as I understand it, the document is scanned, viewed in Preview (see illustration) and then saved as a PDF.


Will WND lawsuit be “slapped” down?

In the United States we value freedom of speech, and we particularly value freedom of political speech. Sometimes there are attempts to stifle political speech through the courts, and one such attempt is labeled SLAPP.

A strategic lawsuit against public participation (SLAPP) is a lawsuit that is intended to censor, intimidate and silence critics by burdening them with the cost of a legal defense until they abandon their criticism or opposition.


The District of Columbia, where the WorldNetDaily lawsuit against Esquire Magazine was filed, has a new anti-SLAPP law. The DC law provides for expedited dismissal of SLAPP suits. Does it apply to this lawsuit?

Learn more:


WND lawsuit garners media attention

Just when media interest in Barack Obama’s birth certificate had shut down until the next election cycle, WorldNetDaily’s lawsuit against Esquire Magazine has sparked some media attention.

Business Insider Wire reports the lawsuit in its new article: 2 Birthers Are Suing Esquire For $200M For Making Fun Of Them.

I left this comment at Business Insider:

The lawsuit should be a publicity boon to both WorldNetDaily and Esquire.

The only mystery here is why some media folks failed to see through the obviously satirical story and thought it was real. Did they really think that Jerome Corsi wrote a book titled: Capricorn One: NASA, JFK, and the Great Moon Landing Cover-up?

Other media coverage of the WND lawsuit:


“Scanner expert” distances himself from crackpot views

Douglas Vogt, who owns a scanner hardware and document repository software company, came under fire when it was discovered that his 22-page analysis claiming that the White House PDF of  Barack Obama’s long-form birth certificate was a forgery, was hosted on a web site full of junk science and crackpot views, including a countdown timer to the date that a star is going nova ushering in he next ice age. The Vector Associates website, which appears to be owned by Vogt, promotes his and other far-out books including God’s Day of Judgment: The Real Cause of Global Warming.

The anti-Obama material has been moved from the  Vector Associates web site, now hosted at Vogt’s scanner company web site here and the 22-page report has been expanded to 28 pages. Vogt is writing in large red type. Things must be getting pretty serious to bring out the big red stuff. 🙄


Birther material has returned to the VectorPub web site as of October, 2013.


Bracing for the storm?

Dr. Conspiracy

It was with great reluctance that I wrote an email to my former employer this morning, letting them know that WorldNetDaily is contemplating some sort of a negative article about me and them. This was mentioned at a press conference held in a conference room they rented at the National Press Club, attended by a couple of reporters. There’s a detailed report on the press conference on the ConWebWatch website. Jerome Corsi revealed in this exchange:

I pointed out to Corsi that, his and Farah’s assertions to the contrary, there are people who will defend the authenticity of the PDF birth certificate or at least rebut its attackers, such as Dr. Conspiracy’s detailed rebuttal of the Ken Vogt analysis that Corsi devoted three WND articles to. Corsi’s response was a curious one: After calling Dr. Conspiracy “one of my favorites,” Corsi said, ‘I’ll be writing about Dr. Conspiracy in the next few days. I’ll be exposing his background, his entire credentials, his involvement with his company. I’ve got a detailed — I just haven’t had time to write it up.”

When I asked Corsi why he’s personally attacking his critics by digging into their backgrounds, Corsi suddenly softened his tone: “I’m sorry, I said I would evaluate his credentials. It’s not a personal attack, but we’re going to evaluate his credentials in his point-by-point.”

I had an email exchange with Dr. Corsi this morning in which I expressed concerns that if he used some of the false KenyanBornObamAcorn material, the article might be defamatory. I pointed him to my article detailing mistakes in her presentation on the Andrea Shea King Internet radio program. If he goes ahead and repeats any of that material, it will show a willful disregard for the truth.

If Dr. Corsi’s concerns are solely with my credentials, then I have no problem; I fairly stated them with a care not to overstate the case. I have always considered myself a profoundly uninteresting person.


WorldNetDaily and Obama Conspiracy Theories enter into joint marketing agreement

Conservative Internet news site WorldNetDaily and birther-debunking website Obama Conspiracy Theories came to an agreement today under which they will jointly support each other’s marketing efforts.

Joseph Farah

WorldNetDaily agreed to continue to promote the view that Barack Obama is ineligible to be President of the United States. WND will do this through the publication of articles on its website and sales of books on such topics as parental requirements for presidential eligibility, analysis of Obama’s long-form birth certificate showing it a fraud, and other articles designed to stimulate negative impressions against President Obama. Through these actions WND will encourage the “birther movement” and thereby create demand for the debunking services that are the stock in trade of Obama Conspiracy Theories.

Dr. Conspiracy

Obama Conspiracy Theories in turn agreed to promote the WorldNetDaily website and WND books through articles about them and by providing hyperlinks to the WND articles, to boost WND page ranking on search engines. OCT agreed to continue to stir up controversy and irritate members of the birther movement, to entice them to visit the WND web site for a secure place to hear their own message echoed back to them. OCT further agreed to provide a visible face for the anti-birther movement, the so-called Obots, and to maintain a visible presence on the WND website, and make snarking comments attached to articles there and so stir up enthusiasm among the birthers.

The shadowy figure, Dr. Conspiracy, owner of Obama Conspiracy theories, said in an interview with his website today:

I think we have reached an important understanding in principle. Obama Conspiracy Theories would be nothing without the birther movement, and the birther movement depends on prominent advocates such as WorldNetDaily and the WND brands for support. I credit WorldNetDaily for creating and keeping the birther movement alive.

Dr. Conspiracy said at the close of the interview, referring to Joseph Farah, “you made me.”

WorldNetDaily publisher Joseph Farah was not reached for comment on this article, and it may be that he is unaware of the agreement.