“Scanner expert” distances himself from crackpot views

Douglas Vogt, who owns a scanner hardware and document repository software company, came under fire when it was discovered that his 22-page analysis claiming that the White House PDF of  Barack Obama’s long-form birth certificate was a forgery, was hosted on a web site full of junk science and crackpot views, including a countdown timer to the date that a star is going nova ushering in he next ice age. The Vector Associates website, which appears to be owned by Vogt, promotes his and other far-out books including God’s Day of Judgment: The Real Cause of Global Warming.

The anti-Obama material has been moved from the  Vector Associates web site, now hosted at Vogt’s scanner company web site here and the 22-page report has been expanded to 28 pages. Vogt is writing in large red type. Things must be getting pretty serious to bring out the big red stuff. 🙄


Birther material has returned to the VectorPub web site as of October, 2013.

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11 Responses to “Scanner expert” distances himself from crackpot views

  1. J.Potter says:

    Talk about a delayed reaction. Did the background-obsessed Corsi forget to check out Vogt’s background?

    I am a bit disappointed, as pointing out these links to Vogt’s fans was really fun. Always got a great tap dance going.

  2. J.Potter says:

    I still see the Obama BC link on Vector Associates…

  3. James M says:

    Lie down with rats, wake up with plague.

  4. obsolete says:

    Doubtless one of the additional pages is the explanation of what “PDF” actually stands for, which would have only recently been learned by Douglas Vogt based on his interviews.

    Reminds me of the British TV show “The IT Crowd”, where a character named Jen smooth talks her way into being hired to head a large firm’s IT department, despite having almost zero knowledge of computers in general. When another character asks her to explain what exactly “IT” stands for, hilarity ensues.

  5. I updated the article to show what I was talking about. I should have done that at first.

    J.Potter: I still see the Obama BC link on Vector Associates…

  6. J.Potter says:

    I am just happy to see that Vector still links to his screed, and that the addresses, etc., are still plain to see. That a marketing organization like WND has such disregard for the perceptions of the marketplace is surprising. Nowhere near as slick as they would have the faithful believe. The website itself is crude (is it just me, or are WND’s headlines actually getting bigger and bigger over time?), and when their personnel make unscripted appearances, their statements are crude and unpolished. A lot of opportunity there for communications professionals without conscience.

    Dr. Conspiracy:
    I updated the article to show what I was talking about. I should have done that at first.

  7. I don’t visit WND enough to know about headline sizes, but the website is certainly crude looking. When the biggest thing on the home page is an ad, it comes across as tacky. Unlike any normal news site I have seen, the WND front page has no content, just links. Since there is no lead story, there’s no impact. It’s visually confusing.

    Compare it to today’s Huffington Post with a big headline and a dramatic picture. Look at CNN or the NY Times. Given what WND pays for graphic designers, it’s no wonder that their web site sucks.

    J.Potter: The website itself is crude (is it just me, or are WND’s headlines actually getting bigger and bigger over time?)

  8. J.Potter says:

    Designers generally are poorly paid. Very poorly. And WND’s approach works for them. Shrewdly (they think) not putting any resources into anything that’s isn’t a benefit. The faithful don’t care about presentation. They don’t believe they could ever be mainstream (the persecution complex in action) and it shows. So tight on spending and so short-term focused, Farah is shortchanging even himself. I’ve worked for companies with similar mindsets. It sucked.

  9. J.Potter says:

    Doc, where/how did Vogt “come under fire”? Hoping for a specific instance. I haven’t subjected myself to WND’s recent press conferences. Or were you referring to general comments on the web and elsewhere?

  10. Well, on web sites like Obama Conspiracy theories and the Fogbow.

    There were also comments highlighting Vogt’s Vector Associates crank writing on the Amazon.com reviews of Corsi’s book 🙄

    J.Potter: Doc, where/how did Vogt “come under fire”?

  11. J.Potter says:

    I’m touched LOL … still hoping Vogt is subjected to an actual questioning someday. Not sure where the questioner would begin tho!

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