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No Halloween treat for Taitz

The Court of Appeal of the State of California, Fourth Appellate District, Division Three has issued a ruling in Taitz v. Obama, just days after Taitz made an oral argument before a three-judge panel, opposed by three empty chairs representing Barack Obama, and Senate candidates Diane Feinstein and Elizabeth Emken. The Court affirmed the earlier dismissal of the suit by Orange County Superior Court.

Taitz had sued to prevent the results of the 2012 primary election from being certified, alleging that Obama was not eligible and that there was massive election fraud in the US Senate race where Feinstein was re-elected. This is the case where Occidental College won a $4,000 assessment of costs (also appealed) from Taitz over an improper subpoena. So why did Taitz lose the appeal?

Let me count the ways…

The essential flaw in Taitz’ original case was that she filed it in the wrong court, a court that lacked jurisdiction under California Law to hear election challenges. That alone doomed the appeal. Taitz argued that if was the wrong court, then the court should have transferred the case to the correct court, rather than dismissing it. Taitz cited a statute that does not apply in support her assertion that there should have been a transfer. Both errors are examples of sloppy procedure on the part of Taitz

Next, even if Taitz had filed in the correct court, she filed too late for the court to do anything about her complaint. The Court of Appeals addressed this point in detail, pointing out the statutory time requirements.

Further, even if she had filed on time, and in the right court, her notice of appeal was untimely because the statute only allows a delay of 10 days after the superior court rules on an election challenge.

She filed motions that are not allowed by law, and she didn’t file the required contest of the general election. Taitz prosecution of her case was a joke.

Finally, her appeal was totally botched in that she provided reams of rubbish about Obama, but failed to provide copies of transcripts and lower court orders which are the fundamental paperwork that must be filed with an appeal.

Taitz never learns.


Birther vies for Congressional seat in Alabama

The Huffington Post reports that Dean Young, a runoff contender for the Republican nomination in Alabama’s 1st congressional district (where I grew up), went full birther in an interview with The Guardian newspaper, saying, after initial evasion, that he believes President Obama was born in Kenya.

Young also said that his political hero is Judge Roy Moore, writer for WorldNetDaily in 2009, and previously removed as Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court for disobeying a federal court order to remove his “Ten Commandments” monument from the state judicial building (Moore was subsequently re-elected to the post). Young didn’t know who the US Treasury Secretary is, nor the Republican Whip in the House.

Young, who describes his supporters as “pitchfork people,” is trailing in the race.



Obots crack birther’s greatest secret

Some days are more fun than others. Today is a good day.

A few weeks back, Carl Gallups on his Freedom Friday radio show said, during an interview with Mike Zullo, that the Cold Case Posse knows identity of the anti-birther who goes by the nom de internet Reality Check. RC hosts an Internet radio program called Reality Check Radio and writes a blog to compliment the show. Commenter John, who participates here and is also a frequent visitor to the Reality Check Radio chat room, has been claiming the same thing, saying that RC’s real name is known by a few trusted birthers, and that it was their greatest secret. Writing here, John said October 14:

RC is NOT Dr. Richard Rockwell.That is a name that been orchestrated by Obots into misleading them in discovering Rc’s real identity.I can tell you that a select few know exactly what RC’s real identity is.

Birthers rather embarrassed themselves using a series of nonsense connections to conclude that RC was Dr. Rockwell. John excuses the mistake by blaming it on the Obots. That brings to mind the quote from George W. Bush [video]:

There’s an old saying in Tennessee — I know it’s in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can’t get fooled again.

I don’t accept that Obots are to blame for the original birther mistake, but in any case, birthers should have used this as a learning opportunity–they didn’t, and in the words of Ronald Reagan, “there you go again.”

John emphasized the the secret nature of their latest conclusion on  October 24:

Don’t worry about RC. His identity is already known. Its the most trusted birther secret. Eventually he will outed.

Given that birthers are incompetent at investigation, I can see why they are deathly afraid to commit themselves and  be proven wrong again, hence the secrecy. John, however,  gave a devastating hint in the RC chat room: He said that RC’s actual last name was the same as the last name of a prominent birther. Well that caused some head scratching on the Obot side, and I personally did some searches on Google for RC’s surname (which I know) plus the keyword “birther.” I didn’t find the answer.

While I like to consider myself an insider, there are some Obot secrets that even I am not privy to–I don’t know, for example, JimBot’s real name, nor specific information about Obot sources in the birther inner circle. However, I have now been told the birther’s “most trusted secret,” the name that the birther inner circle MISTAKENLY THINKS is RC’s real name.

Now to play along with the game, I will also give a hint. To get the initials of the mistaken birther identification, take the initials “RC” and change one letter to one next to it in the alphabet.

I get the impression that the Cold Case Posse shares little secrets with people in order to make them feel trusted and important. Whether John himself is one of those, or not I cannot say. But I can say that we know the secret, and it is WRONG, like everything else the birthers think they know.

It may be embarrassing that the birthers have ONCE AGAIN flubbed figuring out Reality Check’s name, but in all seriousness, the birthers greatest secret is how much money they take in from credulous birthers like John. That one, I do not know. Yet.

Or perhaps, this article is Obot disinformation, realizing that the birthers have figured it out, we’re trying the trick them into backing off in their identification.

Update: as of January 19, 2017, the day before Barack Obama leaves office, the Birthers have still not given any indication that they know who RC is. The wrong name I was hinting at in this article is Randy Daniels, a name RC used when booking birthers to be on his radio show.


Poe’s Law

without a clear indication of the author’s intent, it is difficult or impossible to tell the difference between an expression of sincere extremism and a parody of extremism


I did a double-take when I heard a comment attributed to Nevada state assemblyman Francis Xavier Wiget II. The tea party Republican’s remark was so extreme that I thought it was probably a  headline from the online spoof site, The Onion.

Republican Nevada state assemblyman said that he would vote for legislation in favor of slavery if his constituents wanted him to.

Only it was real. The story (and a video of the comment from last August) is being circulated on the Internet and on social networking services. The context of his remark is Wiget’s belief that a representative’s responsibility is to follow the voters’ will, and not to exercise individual judgment.  You can watch the video and read more context and commentary on this story at Raw Story.

The other rather extreme comment I came across is one attributed to Rush Limbaugh and I thought that he had really gone over the edge this time. Here’s the headline version:

Limbaugh advises Muslims and blacks to avoid ObamaCare by committing mass suicide

I found the story at The article said:

Limbaugh argued that if a person did not owe a tax refund the IRS had no way to access their bank account and impose the penalty, but today he went a step further by suggesting that mass suicide was perhaps the only way out. “The only reasonable response now to the government trying to impose socialized medicine on us is for every American, and especially the blacks and Muslims, to kill themselves en masse,” Limbaugh told his audience. 

I’m not familiar with, so I could not immediately decide whether the preceding comment and a host of other “extreme” remarks attributed to Limbaugh there were true or a parody. (The first time I ever heard Limbaugh on the radio, I thought it was a parody of “talk radio.”) Internet searches for the quotation all point back to Newslo, Newslo, after closer examination , appears to be a parody site, with headlines like:

  • Obama Delays Individual Mandate until Republicans Resume Government Shutdown.
  • Hannity files for unemployment benefits
  • Dozens of admissions officers commit suicide following U.S. News & World Report College Ratings
  • Cumulus Radio to drop Limbaugh, Hannity doe to lack of lesbians

So I add myself to the anecdotal evidence that Poe’s Law is true.


The occasional open thread: last thread for 100 miles edition

I signed up with Xbox Live1 and they gave me a randomly-assigned user name, DatingHippo602. It didn’t suit me, so I changed it to “LastGas100Miles.”

Place your Obama conspiracy comments not related to the current articles here. Better do it now, ‘cause this thread’s gonna close in two weeks.

1No, I don’t have an Xbox.


Crowd-sourced debunking project

Photo of large crowdDouglas Vogt filed something (not sure what to call it) with the US District Court for the Western District of Washington alleging various crimes relating to his claim that Obama’s birth certificate is a forgery. Vogt includes an Affidavit, Attachment and Exhibits that purport to demonstrate 20 marks of forgery in the President’s birth certificate. Four images of the certificate have been published: a PDF file on the White House web site, a higher-resolution image from the Associated Press, and two mobile phone camera snapshots (#1, #2) Tweeted by White House correspondent Savannah Guthrie. The last 3 are in JPG format.

I thought it would be neat to harness the power of the anti-birther community in a massively-parallel crowd-sourced debunking of Vogt’s 20 points. So pick one of his points and debunk it in a comment below. Please begin your comment with the point number and be as rigorous as you can. Readers (even birthers) may expand or critique what’s already written. If you would like an image hosted here, email it to me as an attachment to “admin@” this site’s domain and I will return a hyperlink to you.

When it’s all done, I’ll put the compilation into final form and of course add a link to the result in “The Debunker’s Guide to Obama Conspiracy Theories.”

For reference, here are the 20 points (short versions). Be sure to review the long versions in the Affidavit for more detail:

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