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The non-disclosures of Dr. Conspiracy

As we near the jaw-dropping conclusion to the Confession of Dr. Conspiracy series, it’s probably time to insert a disclaimer. There are things that I’m not going to disclose.

In my mind, there are levels of confidentiality. The strictest level is publication. I think that people have a right not to be harassed and within some limits have the right to anonymity. This why I don’t “out” people who are anonymous. Some people put themselves in the public view by filing lawsuits, so their identification with birther activity under their real name is public information.

A more permissive confidentiality is practiced with trusted confidants. I trust Obots in general, and I disclosed my authorship of the Orly Taitz Super PAC in an open group meeting of Fogbow members. My trust was well-placed because that information didn’t get out prematurely. Within that group there are individuals that I know better than others. When it comes to speculation over what a birther is up to, or what their identity might be, I have had those discussions with Foggy and RC primarily. They are what I might call the “inner circle.”

That works fine for “my secrets,” but other secrets are not mine to share. I was contacted by Brooks Jackson, the former executive director of once to ask a question. I considered that communication privileged until actually linked to this site. I have consulted on rare occasions with other journalists on research questions, and I have been thanked on more than one occasion by persons whose names you would recognize, for what one called a place to “deep dive” on a birther topic and get links to sources. One, that I won’t even hint about, says that he has my site bookmarked and checks it every morning! That letter is framed on my wall, but you’re not going to get a look at my wall.

Some others have sent me information in confidence. Brian Reilly sent some things in confidence that he later gave me permission to publish, which I did. Other things remain in confidence. One Obot who is in a difficult position contacts me every 6 months or so and I try to lend some encouragement, but you’ll never learn his name on this blog.

So my activities, by the time the Confession series is over, will be pretty much an open book but if the secret is yours, then disclosing it is your business, not mine.

7 Responses to The non-disclosures of Dr. Conspiracy

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    Just a Note January 9, 2017 at 9:15 am #

    Just a note to you …you are TRULY fucked up in the head,

  2. avatar
    Daniel January 9, 2017 at 12:50 pm #

    Birther with butthurt, what a surprise….

    Not taking your years of profound failure very well are you “Note”?

  3. avatar
    Joey January 9, 2017 at 2:25 pm #

    I’ve noticed that the remaining members of the Birther Cult are showing increased levels of anger and frustration such as that expressed above by “Just A Note” as the reality of Barack Hussein Obama, II reaching the end of his duly elected two terms in office approaches.

    The reality is setting in of no frog-marching out of the White House and no impeachment plus President Obama collecting $203,700 a year in presidential pension plus transition to civilian life expenses, plus $150,000 a year for staff and office for the first 30 months and $96,000 a year for the rest of his life thereafter, plus free medical insurance, plus lifetime Secret Service protection.

    Its good to be an ex-president particularly when you are only 55 years old.

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    Andrew Vrba, PmG. January 9, 2017 at 3:35 pm #