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Dr. Conspiracy

Dr. Conspiracy

The tools I use to write articles and comments in this blog software are much different from and more sophisticated than what is provided to visitors leaving comments. You know all us liberals are about inclusion, so, Obama Conspiracy Theories is pleased to announce  an enhanced WSYWIG editor to the comment form.

I hope this will make formatting easier, and take the mystery out of adding hyperlinks (to add a hyperlink, select the description text you already typed, then click the chain link icon and type in the URL in the pop-up box). If you have questions on how to use the editor, just add a comment! 😉


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9 Responses to Comments Enhancements

  1. George Orwell III says:


    Open link in new window using WYSIWYG – LINK1

    Open link in new window using target- <a href=”” title=”link 2″ target=”_blank”>LINK2</a>

  2. George Orwell III says:

    Open link in same window using WYSIWYG – LINK3

  3. George Orwell III says:

    Open link in new window using target- <a href=”; title=”link 2” target=”_blank”>LINK2</a>

  4. George Orwell III says:

    Open link in new window using target- <a href=”” title=”link 2″ target=”_blank”>LINK2</a>

  5. I hope I have the allowable tags now in sync with this editor thing. The new WYSIWYG editor does not accept HTML. You have to use the markup buttons at the top of the box to style the text or add links.

    If you want to use HTML, then click the “HTML” button and then a window opens up that accepts the HTML tags listed above the comment entry area.

    “target=” is not an allowed attribute.

    URL’s may be just typed in without any special tags. They will hyperlink automatically.

  6. George Orwell III says:

    It could be just me but are links opening in new window for you???

  7. It’s just you. In my articles there are a small number of hyperlinks set to open in a new page intentionally, but generally they aren’t set, and I don’t see new pages when I click on links in comments.

  8. George Orwell III says:

    OK… then when I want a link to open in a new window using the new WYSIWYG feature it doesn’t work.

    Clicking the link typically means I’m leaving your site instead of having your content AND the related info both on one screen in 2 separate windows.

    Of course right clicking the link and selecting ‘Open in New Window’ solves this pretty easy but I was just surprised to see it not work even when selecting to open the link in a new window in the WYSIWYG editor was all.

  9. There are two things at work here, the editor and the core filters in the blog software. You can specify things in the editor, but unless the core allows them, they are removed when the comment is saved. Controlling where things open is part of the core filters, and not allowed to folks without author rights to the blog.

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