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Update: Greg Doudna’s transcript is now available free here at Obama Conspiracy Theories through a special arrangement with the author. Enjoy!

Greg Doudna, whose day job is deciphering the Dead Sea Scrolls, has dipped a finger in the well of Obama Conspiracy Theories and published a commentary giving some history and background on the Berg lawsuit and the affidavits attached to it claiming that Barack Obama’s step grandmother, Sarah Obama, had said that “he” was born in Kenya and that she was “present”.

The affidavit of Bishop Ron McRae accompanying the recently ended Berg v. Obama lawsuit contains a transcript of a very badly connected transatlantic telephone call between McRae and Sarah Obama on the other end accompanied by a group of translators and family members. The transcript abruptly ends though the the tape recording widely available on the Internet continues.

Now a complete transcript of the entire call is available in Greg Doudna’s published work:

The Tale of The Secret Kenyan Birth of Barack Obama Jr.:
A Strange Story of a Transatlantic Telephone Call, a Fateful
Confusion Over the Meaning of the Word “Present”, and a Brief
Excursion Into the Wonderful World of Conspiracy Theory in
American Politics


A Full and Complete Transcription of a Phone Call between Ron
McRae and Sarah Onyango Obama of Kenya on Oct. 16, 2008,
which has been wrongly alleged to contain a statement by Barack
Obama Jr.’s grandmother that Barack Obama Jr. was born in
with notes, analysis, and commentary

The 27-page report and transcript may be purchased for $2 from

I sprung for a copy.

Two bucks is not a lot of money, and this is probably worth it (used copies of Obama Nation go for $2.70 on and probably aren’t worth it). What you get is the complete transcript, not the abruptly ended McRae version. Anyone who has listened to the full Sarah Obama tape already knows she and her family are telling us that our president was born in Hawaii. You don’t need a transcript for that. Nevertheless, this transcript is well done and has very informative footnotes.

See also our article here: Obama’s Grandmother Says he was Born….

Note that this is a transcript of the English portion of the tape, not a translation of the Swahili/Luo portion which is of such poor quality as to make that near impossible anyway.

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  1. Andrew A. Gill says:

    I’d just like to point out that Berg v Obama wasn’t recently dismissed.

    It was dismissed a long time ago and recently denied cert.

  2. Fixed. Thanks.

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