Obama/Biden to Visit Supreme Court

It is beyond even my imagination what Obama Conspiracy Theorists will make of this, but it was announced last night that Barack Obama and Joe Biden will be visiting the Supreme Court sometime today. This has been a common practice for Presidents-elect in recent years.

“At the invitation of Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr., President-elect Barack Obama and Vice President-elect Joseph Biden will pay a pre-inaugural visit to the Supreme Court of the United States tomorrow afternoon, January 14. This will mark the third time in recent history that a President-elect and Vice President-elect have visited the Court. William Clinton and Al Gore visited on December 8, 1992. Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush called on the Court on November 19, 1980. The President-elect and Vice President-elect will join the Chief Justice and the Associate Justices in the ceremonial West Conference Room. They may also join in a tour of the Court. The visit is a private event. There will be no photo or press availabilities.”

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24 Responses to Obama/Biden to Visit Supreme Court

  1. Tes says:

    A start: “Do we really believe that Justice Roberts INVITED Obama and Biden? They have proved that they are strongarm thugs, and in collusion with the propaganda machine of CBS, we really have a conspricy developing.

    May the LORD give John Roberts the courage to do what is right and resist being bought out, no matter how intimidating the threats may be.” (Hephzibah Comment on Orly’s site)

  2. A scene from Julius Caesar comes to mind. Et tu Justice Roberts?

  3. jazz says:

    *thinking like an Obama birth conspiracy theorist*

    “They probably invited him to the Court to arrest him and charge him with treason..yea…yea… that’s it!…and…and…they probably invited him to also make him give all documents to prove his birth yes yes…that’s it they ate setting a trap for Obama..yes…HOPE IS STILL ALIVE..”

    ^^^^LMFAO!!!!!! *passes out from laghing soo hard*

  4. Patrick McKinnion says:

    “It is beyond even my imagination what Obama Conspiracy Theorists will make of this”

    Well, my predictions were:

    “Supreme Court to Confront Obama on evidence in private, make arrangements to swear in Biden”.

    “Supreme Court giving Obama the chance to step down before charges are filed”

    “Chief Justice Roberts to tell Obama “No” in secret Wednesday conference”.

    “Obama heading to Supreme Court to bully / threaten the Supreme Court”

    So far, just about every one of those predictions have come true. Berg’s cheerleader “Linda Starr” for example:

    “Soetor/Obama and Biden visit to SCOTUS
    written by Linda Starr, January 14, 2009
    If this invitation is based on anything, it’s the SCOTUS conference on Phil’s suit Friday the 16th. I think it is entirely possible they will issue the injunction to prevent the Inauguration unless Barry can produce the documents to satisfy them regarding Phil’s suit before Friday, or they issue the injunction. It’s the first, the best, and definitely the strongest suit of all of them, and one of the few left active. “


    written by Linda Starr, January 14, 2009
    Look, it makes perfect sense to me that they would meet with both of them. That doesn’t necessarily mean that Robert’s wouldn’t take Barry aside and say if you don’t produce the documents and put this story to rest, you will have to step aside or we will issue a stay from your swearing in. And it makes sense to me that they would have Biden there so they can have a “come to Jesus” meeting. Do we know what is going to take place today? Probably not until Friday at the latest. Might we ever know? Maybe.
    I don’t take this invitation as bad news. I take this as a step taken by Robert’s to be certain this doesn’t come back on him and SCOTUS for not upholding the Constitution when there have been all these suits and nothing held on the merits of the cases. I do not believe that they are not having major discussions, possibly even angry arguments about this case. I found out it’s happened twice before in the last thirty years, once with Reagan/Bush in 1980 and again with Clinton/Gore in what was billed as a public event. They were given a tour, and had a public media event with pictures and videos. Since this is being kept so private, I do take this as a good sign this subject will come up.

    When this is mentioned on CNN, it’s a major deal. I hope barry wears his Depends today. I think he is going to need them, AND a large package of wipes. ”

    So yeah, the delusion springs eternal…

  5. Tes says:

    Sooooo …. under THIS (LS) theory, if the Chief Justice swears Obama in as President, that means that Obama provided DEFINITIVE PROOF to the Chief Justice that he (Obama) is, in FACT, eligible.

    Right? That will be the end of all the cases … right? Case closed … right?

  6. mimi says:

    Well… since Orly (or her site admin) have decided to not allow anon. comments, the comments have gone way down. That’s a good thing. Orly is still nuts though.

    Or, maybe not? I don’t mean her claims make any sense, but I wonder who is financing her lunacy?

  7. Patrick McKinnion says:

    I wouldn’t bet on it. They’re already claiming that Obama has “strongarmed” the SCOTUS into doing his bidding. I suspect they’re going to keep going and milk the cash cow to “keep the issue alive in the public mind”

  8. bogus info says:

    Yep, looks like that to me too. They do not want to see facts/proof/evidence.

    That will be their reason that Berg’s and Dr. Orly’s applications are denied by SCOTUS. “Obama “threatened/blackmailed/hypnotized the Supreme Court Justices.”

  9. laughinghysterically says:

    I forgot he could hypnotize people, there you go, that’s what he’s OBVIOUSLY doing.

    And, if he can hypnotize millions of viewers just through the TV, IMAGINE what he can do to your mind if you sit in a room with him for half and hour.

    OMG, Obama is using the Jedi mind trick on the Justices…they are now his puppets! DOH!

  10. bogus info says:

    You can put the truth in front of these people in black and white, provide links for them to verify what you just posted as valid and they still don’t believe it. I’m sorry but this is just crazy. Not to mention all the “NBC” nonsense they believe. At what point will this end? Perhaps when Dr. Orly’s case is dismissed? After all, as they are quick to point out, Dr. Orly “has standing.”

  11. Let me offer some understanding and sympathy. Most folks (myself included) hear about these things for the first time from the negative side. Not only the information but its context is crafted negatively. Even for someone trying to apply critical thinking to the question, I still harbor negative contextual assumptions. Every now and then I have this flash of discovery that I was looking at something complete wrong.

    The natural born citizen thing is a great example. I’ve been trying to explain what John Jay wrote in a letter to Washington, only to discover that he never said anything like what is reported that he said. The same error tying to understand de Vattel on “natural born citizen” with the false assumption that he was defining the term rather than just using it for “citizen at birth”.

  12. laughinghysterically says:

    If Orly has standing then I am Yoda.

    Sorry, stuck on a Star Wars theme today courtesy of a toddler who is OBSESSED with the films (and watches them over and over and over)! LOL!

  13. I think it would be improper for any member of the Court to have any discussion with Obama or Biden about a pending case.

    Bad news? Try no news. If Khruschev had visited Disneyland, now THAT would have been news. Obama getting a tour of the Supreme Court is standard stuff.

  14. bogus info says:

    Dr. C.,

    But you don’t understand the situation according to The Betrayal/Orly blogs. “The other Presidents asked to tour SCOTUS whereas this time it was SCOTUS who invited Obama/Biden. The other President’s visits/tours were public where this time, the visit/tour is private. Don’t you clearly see the difference?”

  15. bogus info says:

    Dr. C.,

    I’ve seen so many people on these blogs state that “their teachers in High school told them that you had to be born in America and have to parents who are citizens of America to be NBC. False information has been handed down from generation to generation. Teachers. Yet, they never research the subject themselves to see if this is indeed fact.

    There are so many things that are taken as “truth/fact” because it has been handed down from generation to generation that isn’t truth/fact at all. That kind of mind set is extremely hard to change.

  16. bogus info says:

    Yoda is probably smarter than Doc Orly.

  17. bogus info says:

    Here is one example:

    “We were taught in grade school, only a Natural Born citizen can become a U.S. President. A Foreign Father makes it impossible to me a natural Born citizen. Campaigning for his cousin in the foreign country is not permitted, hence Logan Act. There is no doubt they want to bring the war inside our Country. Stock up on guns and ammunition is our only choice, to fight the tranny in the government insde of the Good ole US of A. Let the riots begin. Bring in the Malitia!!!”

  18. I am assuming that these high school teacher comments are fictional. If the teacher made such a comment it would be, most likely, in a text book. Show the book.

  19. bogus info says:

    Dr. C.,

    I didn’t say I believed this, I just repeated what they were saying on these blogs. LOL The example I posted was a comment on The Betrayal blog.

    However, it is interesting how two people can read the same document/court decision, example being Wong Kim Arc or Perkins v. Elg, and come away with two entirely different opinions of what that document/court decision said/meant.

    The other day on Dr. Orly’s blog, I know I read in one her posts where she was calling on her faithful followers to “alert” the FBI, CIA, SS, etc., etc. that she made a comment that “we can’t let a black man get in the White House.” I should have saved it right then but didn’t. Now, I can’t find the darn thing.

  20. Assuming Obama did campaign for someone in a foreign country, this would not be “foreign relations”. No one has ever been prosecuted under the Logan Act, and many could have had a better case brought against them than Obama.

    The high school teacher comment is probably a myth.

  21. Patrick McKinnion says:

    “…Strong with the Dark Side of Stupid, that one is, yes?”…

  22. Patrick McKinnion says:

    Could be worse. My 7 year old daughter wants a set of stormtrooper armor.

    In pink because she’s a girl…..

    My little geekette…..

  23. laughinghysterically says:

    Oh yes, and I imagine it is not so easy to find in pink? Hope that’s going well!

    At least I’m dealing with a boy, so, no added challenge on color schemes.

  24. laughinghysterically says:

    OMG! Jedi mind trick!! Jedi mind trick!!!

    They are now under his power.

    Sooooooo Coooooool for the Obama-bots!


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